C# Programming Tutorial #1 – Basic Formatting

C# Programming Tutorial #1 - Basic Formatting

Hello and welcome to the next series in our programming tutorials. This time, Java’s younger sister C# is up to bat. This programming language was designed w…
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23 responses to “C# Programming Tutorial #1 – Basic Formatting”

  1. brett122798 says:

    Wow, such a ripoff of Java.. but, Java is still better.

  2. AtomzicGamer101 says:

    Finally, someone realizes that # doesnt mean “hashtag” theres no such thing
    as hashtag stupid twitter.

  3. KidMarioification says:

    c# is a ton like c++

  4. chris butler says:

    Coming from Java to c# is gonna be great.

  5. kaikarden says:

    Microcode is not for programming software as in these tutorials. Microcode
    is designed to function on a hardware level and tell each of the individual
    components in a computer how to act when given binary code. Binary is still
    the lowest level of code that a computer can interpret for the purposes of
    information that is stored on the hard drive.

  6. Daniel Meltzer says:

    you are wrong the lowest level that you can program is micro code.

  7. RedFactionServer says:

    you might as well learn batch files because they are sooo basic.

  8. Nasruddin A'aidil Shari says:

    hexadecimal input still requires machine conversion.

  9. RedFactionServer says:

    Choose Desktop (cd icon)

  10. mercotui says:

    the link is in the discription, windows updated the site, but just go to
    the desktop visual studios version, its C++ and C# as far as i know..

  11. PSRBF6 says:

    Yep. Pretty much.

  12. James Goforth says:

    your not even close listen to the man teaching as he is way more informed
    than yourself

  13. kaikarden says:

    if you’d like some proof of my claims, i’d be more than happy to refer you
    to some websites about machine coding which is assembly without the
    assembler… or binary… de-facto

  14. kupoKR says:

    Agreed. This is the way data is stored on devices such as Hard Drives,
    CD-Roms, and Blurays. Even digital memory such as jump drives and SSDs
    store information in 1s and 0s or charge and no charge.

  15. HaakuuGoneWild says:

    Thanks for the video, ive fallen off my programming after not working on it
    for a while, so i had to look for material just to make sure i remembered
    everything. Gave you a thumbs up :D!

  16. kaikarden says:

    If that’s your opinion, you’re welcome to have it. but don’t try to bring
    me or my subscribers down when you obviously don’t know what you’re talking

  17. outrageous hen says:

    I liked that soooooooo much by 1:01 that I subscribed…

  18. Shadomancer13 says:

    would i be a good idea to learn C# before C++?

  19. Seth .Topalian says:

    when you say higher level, does this also mean harder to learn?

  20. TeraMil says:

    PWNED ;D lolin lol of lollien

  21. Banjo laurenson says:

    hack this site 😛

  22. Nikusha Gogorishvili says:


  23. cutezombiekitteh says:

    is there a tutorial out there for c# for an absolute beginner?

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