Lightroom 5: Publish a Slideshow

Lightroom 5: Publish a Slideshow

Learn how to create, render and publish a slideshow with audio, video and stills to tell the perfect story. Try or buy Lightroom 5: F…

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6 responses to “Lightroom 5: Publish a Slideshow”

  1. Shura Shum says:

    what a boring way to present an interesting tutorial! Could you spice it up
    in the future somehow?

  2. Ignacio Magdaleno says:

    quick question, when I create my slideshow it shows the images before
    editing but I want to see them post editing? would be great if you could
    help out.

  3. David Graham says:

    Great tutorial thank you, will consider purchasing Lightroom 5

  4. ASZAB says:

    Really Nice

  5. Marco Calia says:

    brava e bella

  6. FilmFactry says:

    Is there anyway in LR to trim a video clip’s length for the slideshow? I
    often add black frames between images. If I had a black “video” clip, could
    I vary the length? and how does LR slide duration effect a video clip?

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