Tutorial – Excel 2013 VLOOKUP

Tutorial - Excel 2013 VLOOKUP

Easy and simple way to learn VLOOKUP (Vertical Lookup) in Excel 2013; this also applies for Excel 2010 and 2007. VLOOKUP is one of the most useful formulas i…
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14 responses to “Tutorial – Excel 2013 VLOOKUP”

  1. Ronalee Ulpindo says:

    This is super helpful thanks!

  2. Shelene Mcbeth says:

    GR8 help 

  3. James Mcnally says:

    good job. helped with my coursework loads:)

  4. Ann Nguyen says:

    Can you show how to HLOOKUP EXCEL 2013?

  5. Linda Edwards says:

    Scary wallpaper…. :>|

  6. Fitzallen Garbutt says:

    now i will pass IT’

  7. jim blow says:

    Excellent video. I’m a subscriber from now on.

  8. Charles Rocha says:

    great video. i am trying to create a list in which once an item has been
    selected it will not be allowed to be used again, would i use a vlook up?
    More specifically, i am have a list of awards that will be awarded to
    students and i want to have the list automatically eliminate or block a
    student from receiving an award more than once in the school year. is this
    possible with excel? thanks

  9. Illshowmyfaceat1bill says:


  10. Rich Johnson says:

    Very easy to follow. Thanks for making it!

  11. workonyourbiznotinit says:

    this is great,Sir ! thank you..you made it easy to understand !!

  12. 7spiffy says:

    Awesome!!! Helped me out a lot. Can you do pivot tables please?

  13. Tony Shepherd says:

    Very good video, you explained it so well even I can understand it. thanks
    so much for your tutorials.

  14. Irsahd Ahmed says:

    good one bro. it helped me lot…………

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