Adobe Photoshop Tutorial (Removing Background)

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial (Removing Background)

((This is my first tutorial)) I’m showing one of my ways to removing the background on a picture.. In this method I have used the tools: Quickmask, Background Ereaser Tool.. [I’m using Adobe Photoshop CS3] I hope this is helpful.. ENJOY! =D
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11 responses to “Adobe Photoshop Tutorial (Removing Background)”

  1. TheGiirlOnFiree says:

    it just doesnt work for me, when i sue the background eraser, it erases everything no matter what color.

  2. Chris Huysamen says:

    Keep up the good work

  3. DDDrew8 says:

    How to you “deket the marked area”? Sounds like a stupid question but to a beginner this is an important question. I am trying to do this by watching several videos. No one mentioned this crucial point. Please enlighten me.

  4. calamitate46 says:

    very good video, well done!

  5. StudioTSS says:

    when i Click two times at the background, it doesnt make a new layer of it… so i cant delete it, wha should i do? help plzz

  6. PluGGerica says:

    wadafak, i use mask and it selects only some crazy area i didnt select with mask thing.. got cs5. need answer 🙁 from all the marked area it selects only on my feet lol.

  7. Ellesmere888 says:

    Good procedure & info but way too fast for me…lost me after the double click to create layer.

  8. Shabazzr says:

    Does any one know how to remove an image back ground using illustrator?

  9. Shabazzr says:

    This was a cool tutorial. Now I have to go out and get Photoshop! lOl!

  10. shadylatina says:

    In the step where you are deleting the background around the hair what do you do? I tried following the steps but when I try to delete the background it deletes the picture in the foreground.

  11. RossTheBalla05 says:

    damn i wish i was good at photoshop

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