HTML/CSS Tutorial : Simple Navigation Bar

HTML/CSS Tutorial : Simple Navigation Bar

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22 responses to “HTML/CSS Tutorial : Simple Navigation Bar”

  1. Zombieslayer9698 says:

    how do u center it?

  2. c cc says:

    I wish you showed how you made your nav.png. Is there a photoshop or
    something else type of video of this?

  3. Kerim Timirbulatov says:

    How do you make those dots before the menu bars?

  4. Geeman Rocks says:

    how to center the menu ? what size is line.nav and nav.png

  5. LetsPlayGamesCast says:

    Nice video. I can’t seem to centre it though. 

  6. Christopher Gates says:

    The bar in between my links doesn’t seem to want to align correctly. My
    links touch the line on the right hand side and it doesn’t look at
    professional. I have followed the code to the pin point do you have a
    solution for me? working on my E-portfolio for a unit at uni. Would
    appreciate some feedback. Thank you!

  7. iNinja says:

    Is there any way to get another line to the right of contact?

  8. Ellis Tulloch says:

    to center the nav links, put display:inline-block into the li element
    instead of float:left

  9. giuseppe angeles says:

    nice video bro can u make tutorial in how to make forms and validate the
    form in html

  10. leecanvas says:

    try this: li { list-style: none; }

  11. amrit narayan Sharma says:

    nice tutorial thanks you sir.this is really helpful for me

  12. brendan saul says:

    Thank you allot, I am making a website for a university assighnment and one
    of the requirements is to include a navigation bar

  13. Jerry Rémy says:

    I would like to implement a database system into my website; do you have
    any tutorial for beginners on how to make, add, implement and secure a
    database? I do not have a clue on how to do so. All help is welcome. Thank

  14. Amine B says:

    learning is too easy with u thanks 4 tuts and plz if u can give us
    wordpress lessons

  15. Joseph Laguerre says:

    thanks for the tutorial, it’s great and appreciate the advice and simple

  16. sukram1998 says:

    Is this the italian man who went to malta?

  17. kmann2002 says:

    how did you create the line.png?

  18. Numan Ahmad says:

    i am your big fan you tutorials are awesome ….would you please make some
    tutorials on jsp (java server pages)…??

  19. Ry Ken says:

    good tutorial put more up very good videos thanks

  20. Ulemu Phiri says:

    how can i make a slide show on my web, please?

  21. krantenwijk2 says:

    You son on the beach

  22. BrightBlackEnt says:

    if i float the whole thing the background goes away ,….. :/

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