[NEW After Effects Tamil Tutorial] 15. 3DS MAX BASICS + 3D TEXT

[NEW After Effects Tamil Tutorial] 15. 3DS MAX BASICS + 3D TEXT

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9 responses to “[NEW After Effects Tamil Tutorial] 15. 3DS MAX BASICS + 3D TEXT”

  1. Danush Danush says:

    good job mr. sri viknesh´╗┐

  2. Mercy Praveena says:

    gud job,really it s helpful to me,thank u fr this video,tamil vaazhga….

  3. Prabhu Kumar says:

    Hi Mr.Vingnash so nice ur teaching style, as speshaly in Tamil ,very
    usefull to us, thank u too and we are proud of u., ur doing somthing in ur
    mother language, very good

  4. lonelyfs says:

    tamil vaalgha nanbaa…. …..kalakunga…. inum nerayaa ethripaakren unga
    kita irunthu……..

  5. Manoj kumar says:

    super boss, excellent video , how can i download all your work in a single
    , can u send me ur torrent link to my yahoo acc , my acc id is
    manoj6789@yahoo.com(i need all 3dx tamil tutorial and affter effect
    also)pls send me sir

  6. Abubakkar Sithik says:

    Mr The Juicy226 what u say (mavane kaila mattuna )

  7. Vin Chand says:

    he is helping his own community(Tamil),if you dont like this video just
    shut the fuck off,dont fuck in our place

  8. srivikki says:

    Thanks for your comment….:)

  9. Danilo Mangiaterra says:

    parece un gallego yankee como abla. good work

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