Illustrator Tutorial Floral, Swirl, Ornaments, Butterfly

Illustrator Tutorial Floral, Swirl, Ornaments, Butterfly

Tutorial in Adobe Illustrator CS6 If you want to know how to create the brushes for this video, look at this video tutorial: BUTTERFLY –….
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18 responses to “Illustrator Tutorial Floral, Swirl, Ornaments, Butterfly”

  1. dagubi says:

    Dear BonFire110.
    You have to edit the properties of the brush. Double-click on the brush.
    There you need to adjust the method to colorize. Check out my video
    tutorial “Create your own brushes in Adobe Illustrator” in the timeline
    exactly at 07:38. Follow the link above in the description of this video.

  2. Lotta Karlsson says:

    I can not find the video how to make a butterfly. I really love your

  3. Albert Wesker says:

    Damn ! It’s awesome ! Thank you ! 

  4. Joseph Girdusky says:

    Can you tell me what is the name of the very first brush you use? I cannot
    find it in my loaded brushes.

  5. EUFORIACR7 says:


  6. wae ke says:

    please add some naration in your tutorial video, like what button you
    click, what menu to open, what to do first. you cannot say you give a
    tutorial without a sound

  7. Abir Hasan Dipu says:

    not bad

  8. Thiepcuoikhmervietthanhmai Ly says:
  9. Phongwin misa says:

    thank you 

  10. RichRonrie says:

    ah sir… can u pls upload your brush file… it really really looks gud.

  11. Boss !!! says:

    Cool can you send me video by email thanks

  12. BonFire110 says:

    Dear Dagubi! Please tell me how can I recolor Art and Scatter brushes I
    created. I tried to change their color but they remain default black as I
    created them. I don’t feel like to Expand the brush strokes because I lose
    editable availablity.

  13. Tammy Ryan says:

    I wish we could here what you’re doing.

  14. Michael Croft says:

    Why do some people not talk on these videos??? is it about educating or
    showing how good you are??? The days of silent movies are long gone, in
    case you didn’t know!!!

  15. Wardie Ward says:

    Steady hand, for sure….
    but can you explain things?

  16. Traci Perkins says:

    I am not able to hear the instructor on your video. Please advise.

  17. Kero Yuhari says:

    thank you for this video

  18. Aaquib Ahmed says:

    nice tuts

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