Dreamweaver CS6: How to create CSS transitions | lynda.com tutorial

Dreamweaver CS6: How to create CSS transitions | lynda.com tutorial

Some new features highlighted in the course include the Fluid Grids feature, which gives designers a visual way to control page layout for multiple screen si…

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13 responses to “Dreamweaver CS6: How to create CSS transitions | lynda.com tutorial”

  1. RSky Car says:

    Hi !

    Thank you for this tutorial it’s great!

    Could you tell me please, how exactly I could make the same transition
    effect to the fluid grid tag?

    Is it possible technically?

    How connect two Fluid grid layouts? One with a picture and another

    I tried to do it but didn’t get the result.

    I would appreciate your advise!

  2. K Russell says:

    How do you set up the boxes in the first place?

  3. waar fuucker says:

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  4. jyothika2808 says:

    10q for good info

  5. MasterHackz says:

    This is also GREAT for my Navigation bar

  6. jeneitzmann says:

    I’m using the hover and loving it! however, I have my background set for
    the size of my page before the hover, how do I get the background to expand
    with my div boxes?

  7. zizhericles says:

    Why don’t you people forget about IE? that thing doesn’t support it! try
    chrome, firefox safari opera…

  8. Boby Gandhi says:

    how will you hover on a phone?

  9. Natly N says:

    I really like this tutorial an understand the transitions part but I have
    no idea on how to make that box which appears masked on the browser before
    you hoover over it.

  10. Vicious but Delicious Life says:

    Please, I have a problem : all my “hidden text” isn’t hidden at all ! it
    just appears through the background of div under it … must I set the
    div’s opacity ? or color or whatever else !

  11. wongtszhin says:

    IE support?

  12. hAsGaRd says:

    will this be read on a phone or tablet ?

  13. MasterHackz says:

    Can’t wait to get it!

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