Magical Glow – Photoshop Tutorial

Magical Glow - Photoshop Tutorial

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23 responses to “Magical Glow – Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. Erika Porras says:

    Your tutorial is very helpful, specially on how to apply shadows and
    lights, I tried it with some of my own stock and worked really well.

  2. LadyMechanika says:

    so fast, and hard to see the words sometimes. but thanks! :p

  3. Paul Edouard Champollion says:

    Great ! thx

  4. Wally Ortiz says:

    Awesome job!!!

  5. tryskell22 says:

    Thank you for this tutorial
    I struggled because sometimes it goes fast.
    too fast for me

  6. PatrickSamphire says:

    Very impressive (and very fast…) I’m going to have to watch this a lot of
    times to pick up on everything you’re doing, but thank you! This is a great
    tutorial. The real challenge will be see if I can apply it to a completely
    different model and background.

  7. Becky Rm says:

    Awesome !!

  8. Jean Luna says:

    Que tipo de pincel usastes para el cabello

  9. StefanDr19 says:

    I was wondering how you add hue/saturation in a layer without making an
    adjustment layer.. I quess there’s a short-cut right? what is it, please?

  10. iwktwom says:

    Cool as ……

  11. Nour el imene Des-ART-ign says:

    look great i guest i allready see your gallry on deviantART , good job and
    plz if you had time make tutorail abt the paint looking hair

  12. Josefin L says:

    Omg your so freaking good! I wish i could take classes of you <3

  13. Renu Sharma says:

    Thank you. I downloaded it from soundcloud. Unfortunately, I can’t find the
    name and the music file that I found on my drive is called ‘music mix file’
    so no help there.

  14. Renu Sharma says:

    I hope to. 🙂

  15. FABRY KING says:

    very very good work ^__^

  16. Mohamed Waheed says:


  17. Aurora Borealis says:

    what’s the song’s name

  18. Keerthi Raju says:

    its very neat and easy to understand. 🙂 good work

  19. Abbas Alsaleh says:

    See my instagram and see my doter foto like your foto… boremas1

  20. Eternityknocks says:

    thank you for sharing this detailed tutorial with us!

  21. Владимир Греков says:


  22. StefanDr19 says:

    thank you!

  23. jotaxs69 says:

    cool, thank you!!

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