Eye Retouching and Enhancing – Adobe Lightroom Tutorial

Eye Retouching and Enhancing - Adobe Lightroom Tutorial

If you’ve seen my Photoshop Eye Retouching video, this video covers many of the same retouching tricks but this time done in Adobe Lightroom using completely…

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3 responses to “Eye Retouching and Enhancing – Adobe Lightroom Tutorial”

  1. Mama LC says:

    Your result is beautiful but as a tutorial it would be more helpful to do
    the image while you show how you got the result… Its very hard to follow
    without an example.

  2. ModifiedPhoto says:

    @michaelt27 I used this image as a sample to teach the technique. Ideally
    you would use it to enhance the eyes matching the lighting of the image.
    Besides, most people (besides another photographer) would never notice the
    catch light having a different light “source” than the remainder of the
    image. I believe the problems with the contrast is more of a video capture
    and export problem. I have been having trouble with color and contrast
    changing in the exported videos.

  3. michaelt27 says:

    I appreciate the quality of what was done, and much of it was well-done.
    There are two issues I see with this edit: The picture overall should have
    been fixed up before the eyes (some problems–such as the whiteness of the
    white of the eyes and some lack of contrast–would no longer be problems at
    that point.) The other problem is that a different catch light makes the
    eyes inconsistent from the lighting indicated by the rest of the picture.

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