Excel SUMIF Formula – Tutorial Example

Excel SUMIF Formula - Tutorial Example

I’ll walk through how to use the SUMIF formula. Have you ever had to quickly find the total of something based on a region, product category or any other cri…
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14 responses to “Excel SUMIF Formula – Tutorial Example”

  1. Ayana Megumi says:

    thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu! you made my life easier. . 🙂 i’ve been searching
    for hours for the correct formula to count the total # of qty for the given
    product and finally, i found you. . 🙂 thanks for helping!

  2. Carlos E. Barbosa says:

    Nice and easy to understand, thank you! :)

  3. Daniel Mullins says:

    another useful #excel video tutorial – saving time building #analytics

  4. Deborah Dunbar says:

    As previous post stated your teaching style is excellent. Thank you.

  5. thelionspet says:

    really good tutorial… but a long way to copy the formula down… just
    sayin’… but good to know the long way too.. thanks

  6. Shareef Mohamed says:

    Very good & Simple video……….

  7. Prasad Laulkar says:


  8. Peter Parker says:

    Thank you so much. I swear I’ve read pages and pages, but people kept going
    on about b.s. I couldn’t understand. 

  9. eseerfys says:

    Nicely done Anthony! You explain this so well. You need to make more
    videos. This is perfect!!

  10. Faten Shawky says:

    Thank You

  11. John Plymouth says:

    Bud–thanks so much–this was incredibly helpful. Your explanations were
    clear and you taught me something new and saved me so much time at work!!
    I watched another video and they weren’t nearly as clear nor as patient
    while teaching the same material. Bravo and thanks again.

  12. ranchopatriot says:

    Very cool. I’m looking for a way to sum a column of numbers but disregard
    the negative numbers.

  13. MisTa - T says:

    Thanks a lot mate 🙂 hve test tomorrow 😀

  14. Devon Burnett says:


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