How To Create A Registration And Login Page Using Dreamweaver

How To Create A Registration And Login Page Using Dreamweaver

Visit my website for more tutorials: In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to create a functional user registration and login page…
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20 responses to “How To Create A Registration And Login Page Using Dreamweaver”

  1. Mrzeamond says:

    Hey I wrote to my host they kist kinda said I was a noob, “Not directly”
    anyway, can I maybe get your skype or email adress so you can get my login
    to my hosting and may give the permissions or take a look on it. thanks for
    your time and good help!

  2. GoodPieTutorials says:

    Site has been update and the source code is now here:

  3. TheSylwek1100 says:

    Deprecated: mysql_pconnect(): The mysql extension is deprecated and will
    be removed in the future: use mysqli or PDO instead in
    C:wampwwwWinterForceConnectionsUser_Information.php on line 9. I get
    this error when im finished

  4. Scott Wilson says:

    Can you do one that you can update information page aswell as some users
    may want to change there passwords.

  5. WordOnWheels says:

    that web site you said is an actual pie web site, no code

  6. Marcinho Love says:

    I wonder what Dreamweaver you’re using and how you marked the “required”
    option after selecting the line 12 at login. php.
    I’m learning a lot from your tutorials. Thank you!

  7. Wills vids says:

    Thankyou SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much i have looked at 20 tutorials and yours is
    the only one that works. THANX!

  8. LowHeartRate says:

    +GoodPieTutorials Would you please add me on skype to help me with a
    problem that I am having!? I am getting an error when I go to connect my
    database to the php pages through the window>databases – Also have few more
    problems that i’ve encountered. Please message me back asap on Skype or PM
    me on YouTube!

  9. run3m4n0wnz says:
    i get this error when i try to do the MYSQL..

  10. Michael Samuels says:

    hey great tutorial man really helpful, 2 questions though. How would i go
    about placing both register and log in forms on the same page? and also on
    my register page i have a drop down menu, how would i get the register to
    redirect the user to a particular page if they selected a particular item
    in the drop down box…i.e.. if user selects item A take user to page item
    A, if user selects item B take user to page item B. 

  11. Isaac Gross says:

    I have noticed that if you try registering with a username that is already
    in the database it won’t stop you it just keeps making usernames that are
    the same so that could cause conflict if people are sharing the same
    username! How do you fix that.

  12. AMRDYS says:

    Really nicely done. please keep it up.

  13. Khyron Williams says:

    HI,when i go to server behaviors I cant click the button to add a
    recordset.did i do something wrong setting up my server?

  14. Richard Barrett says:

    How do i implement this on my server (upload and use on website) Apart from
    that everything is working it registered and allowed me to login on

  15. makan dey says:

    404 error..

  16. Charles Goh says:

    how can i publish my dreamweaver online? and what server can i use to?

  17. Shone Moua says:

    if you can’t find it just type in the code….

  18. cristina cabrera says:

    I downloaded php my admin but it isn’t letting me get into the actual site
    like yours is shown I just get the download page?

  19. Jeremy Dalton says:

    Awesome video Goodpie. the only problem is that PHP has depreciated the
    functions that make the server behaviors possible. (Currently using PHP
    5.5.7) You don’t happen to have an updated video on how to do this, do you?
    I’m going crazy and am wondering if I should make it all go away by
    rolling back my server to an earlier version of PHP, but I know I will run
    into the same problem down the road. 

  20. Bea Zürcher says:

    Thank you for the very good tutorial. I’m really not good in php and mysql
    but with your explanation on your website and the video – I did it and
    finally everything worked quite well!

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