XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 11 – Tables

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 11 - Tables

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22 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 11 – Tables”

  1. dolphinsatsunset1 says:

    I’m making a porn website. lol. 

  2. BYoshi19 says:
    stands for table data, and it creates a cell of information for its
    table, and its purpose is not to create a column. Creating columns comes
    from how many elements are in each table row (

    ), so the

    should not be called because one, that’s not its sole purpose and two,
    there’s another element called

    that does the same thing as

    text in this element is bold by default (because it’s meant to be a table
    heading) ;).

  3. npaul says:

    can you do an unneven table? like two columns, but one column has two rows
    and the other column has one row? for example to write text on the first
    column on two rows (name of person and andress) and on the other column to
    have a picture?

  4. LetifeR1985 says:

    Just a thought there. You can set the table to look like this:

    FISH apples tuna
    tuba ham chops corn?

    It’s easier to read it in html like that.

  5. MGApcDev says:

    I hate tables (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  6. gtawwekid says:

    can you insert an excel table to make it easier?

  7. KomplexGyok says:

    In notepad++ you can easily duplicate a row by pressing Ctrl+d while
    standing on the row.

  8. JmaesN says:

    How do I get all columns to be the same width

  9. Aloykatos PC Tech says:

    im happy you know the tuba. Most of the people havent even heard of it!

  10. Sean Hisaka says:


  11. Rob Nashed says:

    Thumbs up if you learned all of your coding skills from Bucky like I did:D

  12. Steven Verheezen says:

    5 people are (…….)

  13. Jono K says:

    easy way to remember Table Right Table Down

  14. M.Arshad Ghani says:

    very impress with your tutorials, I looked all over the net to find any to
    teach me how to learn HTML and than one my friend text me your tutorial
    link amazing Buck very simple and to the point. Best learning tool for
    layman. Thanks Bucky.

  15. db81zg says:

    thx 😉

  16. MoSwag09 says:

    Bucky these are some good ass tutorials. Thank you sir

  17. eriktion1996 says:

    thank you, maybe now i can pass my test tomorrow 🙂

  18. Zack Hixon says:

    AH RUV YEW UND AH PLAE TEWBAH no homo btw 😀

  19. birada journey says:

    Hi Bucky , Thank you so much for all of your tutorial here in HTML, it
    really helps me a lot.. best regards friend from philippines. just keep it

  20. infintiyward says:

    ham chops. necessary for all coding experts

  21. nipuni malsara says:

    thank u

  22. Johannes Falnes says:

    Why did I get a one direction ad before this? How are they even slightly
    the same?

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