3ds Max (9+) Tutorial, Using Reactor to Drop Objects Using Gravity

3ds Max (9+) Tutorial, Using Reactor to Drop Objects Using Gravity

In this tutorial, I show you how to take some objects in 3ds max, and utilize reactor to ‘drop’ them from the sky and have them interact with each other as t…
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10 responses to “3ds Max (9+) Tutorial, Using Reactor to Drop Objects Using Gravity”

  1. Pontus Sennerstam says:

    The plane isn’t showing in “preview animation” any ideas?

  2. Noel Stalker says:

    This is a very helpful tutorial. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Fictionalhead says:

    If you go up to the “Customize” toolbar and pick “Show UI >> Show Floating
    Toolbars” it’ll open up all of the extra toolbars, one of which should be
    reactor. I just dragged it over to the left, and then closed all of the

  4. liveinadive says:

    Cheers mate, really helpful tutorial. Now to destroy my computer with
    virtual coffee beans

  5. Manuel Camelo says:

    Dude u GOD, i subbed… But one question man. ;p How i set the “Reactor
    Tool” configuration? O__o Many thx 😉

  6. Fictionalhead says:

    The way I normally do it is just render out the whole animation keyframes,
    and then once you have them all, delete only the ones you want. Or just set
    the timeline in your file to start and stop on the one frame of the
    animation you want to use as a still.

  7. dcconnect1 says:

    how do you put the toolbar there? for the reactor.

  8. Dane Nell says:

    Great tut…. just 1 question… how would you go about wanting to only use
    the end result of the animation… I am trying to create a pile of bricks
    and i dont want the animation… just the end result (a random pile of
    bricks on the ground plain) how would i go about doing that? is their away
    to delete the entire animation but the final frame?

  9. Xheni Shtemari says:

    I had a question, when I do the final viewing fall below both the floor and
    the cubes!How to make cubes to fall on the floor and not cubes and the
    floor to fall both?!

  10. Fictionalhead says:

    I’m pretty sure if you set the “weight” of the ground to 0 in the object
    properties dialog where you set the friction and elasticity, it shouldn’t

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