C# Xna Platformer Made Easy Tutorial 1 – ScreenState [Part 1]

C# Xna Platformer Made Easy Tutorial 1 - ScreenState [Part 1]

Have you ever wanted to make a platformer in c# from scratch but didn’t know how? Well this is the tutorial to watch if you’d like to learn. In this tutoriai…
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16 responses to “C# Xna Platformer Made Easy Tutorial 1 – ScreenState [Part 1]”

  1. Adam Eavy says:

    Just a quick question, not directly related to this video but to a part of
    the series. Do you think it would be difficult (I understand XML a lot more
    now and Im quite proficient with c#, though still learning a lot of course)
    it would be to make your filemanager class from this series into an xml
    based system like the one in your monogame series?

  2. Tamir Shoval says:

    HAHAHAHAHAH scractch… REMINDS me my old days LOL. Actully,school is
    teaching us scractch but i learn C# XNA lol…

  3. wendysnailland says:

    This is otherwise known as naked coding…

  4. zeyrek3 says:

    hey Walter Jr. is this you?

  5. Evil Minion says:

    Hi can you suggest a good C# BASICS tutorial that gives the basic knowledge
    that I need to follow along with these kinds of tutorials. Ive seen a
    pretty good tutorial but its 200 videos.

  6. flameball124 says:

    You can

  7. Proud to be Nigerian says:

    He’s saying the truth

  8. Ben Dover says:

    No. The first game you would make would be rubbish, as they always are.
    Steam is a very high profile corporation, meaning they will only accept the
    best. Even legitimate companies with publishers occasionally fail to get on
    Steam. I doubt you stand a chance.

  9. CodingMadeEasy says:

    I can but the shorter the videos the more people watch

  10. CodingMadeEasy says:


  11. Finlay Mercer says:

    Yeah I’m pretty sure keep me updated on it 😀

  12. Play Make Games says:

    Probably. It should be possible though. -Gamenew09

  13. Choow Kid Lin says:

    I feel like I might learn a lot by following your Tutorials.

  14. Quade Zaban says:

    oh wow, more xna! awesome!

  15. RaccoonieBoy says:

    Well you can make the top of the pyramid then build the bottom then put the
    top on the bottom half but I get what your saying.

  16. Radley Anaya says:

    public means that other classes can access the methods you create in that
    class. Void would be a method that does not return a value. For example
    public int AddTwoNumbers(int x, int y) { return x + y; } This returns the
    sum so instead of using void you would use int or whatever.

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