C# Beginners Tutorial – 2 – Changing Forms Properties

C# Beginners Tutorial - 2 - Changing Forms Properties

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14 responses to “C# Beginners Tutorial – 2 – Changing Forms Properties”

  1. Hamza Jismani says:

    hahahha ,, so funny !! -_-“”

  2. OverG88 says:

    You obviously didn’t understand him…But yeah, he’s right.

  3. Sandya Udumala says:

    HI: I am getting this error when i click on debug “could not load file or assembly ‘”my project”‘ or one of its dependencies. The given assembly name or codebase was invalid. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131047). Can you please help?

  4. flashcraft says:

    Thanks for providing these lesson videos. I’m enjoying them and you are very easy to understand. Great job, thanks.

  5. iAREanthonyyy says:


  6. marunia256 says:

    can i learn from this tutorial using mono develop?

  7. Sonicisunleashed2008 says:

    Well the install does anyway, not really the download as such.

  8. BrutalCoding says:

    Anyone might wanna check out my channel which includes several applications made in C#? I’m starting to develop more and more applications made in C# to share with the world for free, just take an second to take a look and you’ll see it!
    I’ve also setup a website where people can share their applications with the rest of the Web, there are no hidden costs or so, you’ll notice that everything is totally free. Anyhow sorry for the spam but I can’t find another way to spread the word yet.
    Thanks !

  9. Kamal Kimo says:

    i didn’t wanna start this Tutorial cause the Way you taped it is no professional , çthe code is hard to read , the voice

  10. EnorusLoL says:

    “like like like like like like like like like”

  11. Hisham Almaksy says:

    reade the transcript at 00:12

  12. Nate Hildreth says:

    im watching the tutorials while its still downloading
    this download takes forever

  13. anidude98 says:

    Actually, you can learn visual studio, because it’s more of a WYSIWYG programming interface then an IDE.

  14. GruntManager says:

    then buy a book you nigger

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