Dreamweaver Tutorial – Setup FTP remote settings for Godaddy and Dreamweaver CS4

Dreamweaver Tutorial - Setup FTP remote settings for Godaddy and Dreamweaver CS4

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23 responses to “Dreamweaver Tutorial – Setup FTP remote settings for Godaddy and Dreamweaver CS4”

  1. steller2012 says:

    You need a de-esser.

  2. Em Lund says:

    Dude you just made me extremely happy XD thank you sooooo MUCH!! 😀
    This video helped!!

  3. Vesenia Rivera says:

    i did everything you said,mines connects but doesn’t upload anything, it
    says the site is unavailable. plus go daddy has a website upgrade.

  4. DreamWeaverTutorial says:

    @pcfix411 thanks for the comments!

  5. benny714 says:

    Dreamweaver keeps telling me an FTP error has occured!!!!!!! What do I do

  6. Wade Higgins says:

    @KuanDeedee file transfer protocol

  7. qqqTOXICqqq says:

    Ok, i made my first website on DW now i’m trying to decipher this tut. Last
    thing i wanna do is call godaddy, and talk to them. I bought hosting there
    & i’m finally dumping that weak website tonight website & replacing it with
    my new creation!

  8. meiznick says:

    can u tell us more about the FTP account, address and host? `cuz me
    personally i need more information about that

  9. lilmizpiggy88 says:

    You’re awesome! You sound like the Geico gecko 😀

  10. DreamWeaverTutorial says:

    @TheKcmartz you are welcome

  11. blahblah says:


  12. PcFix411 says:

    DreamWeaverTutorial, This video rocks.

  13. TechTubeCentral says:

    become a partner

  14. Jerry Sublett says:


  15. Christian Baloga says:

    Great help thanks!

  16. tokyorose999 says:

    oh nevermind i got it, but where you get to the “dependent files” part i
    put no also and then clicked don’t show this message again like an idiot,
    and im trying to upload images and its not popping up, how do i get back to
    that screen? thanks!

  17. newnaira says:

    THANK YOU. It seems like no one else on the internet can explain this in
    the simple, coherent way that you just did.

  18. caroline tyler-brand says:


  19. Open90 says:

    how do i know who is my HOST and if godaddy provide hosting when i order my
    domain name? Im in the process of uploading my site to the web using
    dreamweaver but cannot establish connection.. please help and thnks in

  20. MexiChriS says:

    posted this link up on my online class course, hope it helped others, and
    gives you more views/ratings. i had a problem getting mine to work!
    wouldn’t have gotten it to work if i didn’t see this vid (i read/looked at
    plenty written out ones, none worked!) THANKS FOR THE HELP!

  21. NeverTalkDown says:

    @Prince7641 when setting up your ftp user try setting the “path” option to
    “Hosting Root”…it gave me error message every single time until I made
    that change and it immediately connected with no issues…I also almost
    gave up on DW…but I think it’s more GoDaddy being so vague with their
    instructions rather than DW being the problem. Hope that may help because
    working directly from DW is so much easier in my opinion.

  22. robertofied18 says:

    I don’t exactly understand the last part you did, can you explain? (where
    you were dragging the file)

  23. DreamWeaverTutorial says:

    @tokyorose999 EDIT > Preferences.

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