NEW! Adobe Illustrator Tutorial! Make Comic Style Text!

NEW! Adobe Illustrator Tutorial! Make Comic Style Text!

Check this video out at Hi-Res here: We will learn how to make some comic styled text in …
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21 responses to “NEW! Adobe Illustrator Tutorial! Make Comic Style Text!”

  1. Kenny Williams says:

    You really need to have a plan before you start the “tutorial”. A tutorial
    means you are actually teaching something. You go too fast and you change
    directions waaaaay too much for anyone to follow along and take notes. If
    you’re wanting to show someone you know how to do the task quickly, then I
    suppose you’ve succeeded, but if you’re trying to teach someone how to
    create this lettering, you have failed miserably. Slow down, stop jumping
    around, and explain the move ONCE and stick to it.

  2. Din D says:

    hey thanks so much for posting this up, really thought it was gonna be
    difficult but u made it easy after viewing this clip. was wonder could i
    achieve the same thing, when i draw out my own fonts, scan it, then live
    trace it, without any complication following the steps on this clip?

  3. Rodvinsky says:

    cool! the strokes actually makes the whole thing look 3d without using 3d
    effect 😀

  4. Insoniniac says:

    can you do this on the cs3 version?

  5. nadianaderi says:


  6. Pietro Stasolla says:

    thanks for the is great!! I just want to know if it is ok to
    modify a typeface like helvetica or maybe I break the law??

  7. odeskhelp says:

    thanx, i made my name in a logo for my freelance profile people seem to luv
    it 🙂

  8. Kevin Andersen says:

    @ghostkian1 go to dafont . com and search for comic fonts and ust pick one

  9. Joe schma says:

    i hope this works! thanks though!

  10. kenshinro7 says:

    How can you get photoshop for free download?

  11. Muhd Nurwadi says:

    hey…where do i can get free font to download??

  12. SUPERSQUISH says:

    Thanks alot, this was really really helpful.

  13. Sasuke Uchiha says:

    вот амереканец паршивый нет чтобы по-русски говорить(((

  14. snipercat2772 says:

    how the fuck did i get here from watching MW3 vids

  15. ilovetosteal says:

    Thank You man mine came out good

  16. joeygart says:

    Got your tutorial well.

  17. MusicsAngelica says:

    lol while watching the vid I was thinking what’s this guys name (since I
    had it full screen can’t see his name below) then just realized he was
    editing his channel’s name 😛 stupid me :))

  18. GraveRave says:


  19. James Evans says:

    great vid!!! 5 stars!

  20. redliw007 says:

    cs2 friend

  21. birjolaxew says:

    Is it possible to get the link to the font? I’ve googled it, but nothing
    comes up.

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