After Effects Tutorial – Corner pinning with Mocha for CS5

After Effects Tutorial - Corner pinning with Mocha for CS5

How to use the Mocha 3D tracking tool with After Effects to corner pin a video onto an iPod, mobile phone, TV or computer monitor. Mocha comes with CS4 and C…
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24 responses to “After Effects Tutorial – Corner pinning with Mocha for CS5”

  1. VintageGaming says:

    Hehe “Back on track…” Unintentionally punny.

  2. Ein Frosch~ says:

    It’s really well understandingable(yup, that’s one of my favorite words),
    but i have a problem:
    whenever I try to paste the Tracking Data to my composition, it resizes it,
    but puts it away about 200 pixels left andabout 150 up.
    Maybe you know where the problem is.

  3. Induran Industries says:

    Brilliant tutorial, Easy to understand, well explained. thank you.

  4. Tantago Tantagoo says:

    hey what if i wanted to round the corners of my screen? how do i do that
    because the thing u showed is a square. a reply would be much appreciated

  5. oskarsx oskars says:

    good tut. but out come is not very precise as you can see screen drifts off
    and looks skewed at the end of the footage. Tracking is not good enough.
    need to adjust manually…

  6. Michael Carter - Big Bang Inc. says:

    One of the best tuts in ages – great job!

  7. Jesper Jee says:

    I don’t have any of the control buttons to the right of your screen. So I
    can’t find surface view. Any suggestions? Im running Mocha AE CC

  8. AMINE- SUBZERO says:

    nice workkkkkkkkkk

  9. Phtgrphicosmthg says:

    If you’re using CS6, Mocha doesn’t come separatly from After Effects. Just
    be sure you’ve selected your video in your composition, then go to the
    Animation menu, and you should find something like “Tracking in Mocha AE”
    (I’m using the French version, so it’s a very loose translation).

  10. Tyler Pulsifer says:

    @shortformvideos You know, after re-reading what I wrote, I realize it
    sounded slightly dickish. Sorry about that, was just trying to help you

  11. abdelilah ayoubi says:

    thank you for this great tutorial

  12. Joe says:

    How do you apply the corner pin values it wont work

  13. Graham Gunner says:

    Another ‘nearly’ tutorial. ‘Allright we’re back in After Effects’ LOL –
    really? Anyone know where I can find a decent step by step tutorial where
    the guy doesn’t conveniently skip vital steps just because he’s done them a
    hundred times?

  14. andtastic1 says:

    @shortformvideos tried converting again to AVI & MOV, i’m still not having
    any luck. the film clip i’m using is a from a black and white 1960’s movie
    , just wondering if mocha can’t handle black and white footage? sorry if
    it’s a silly question but i’m lost and have no idea what else to try.
    thanks for your help so far, much appreciated.

  15. short-form video says:

    @TOCORO100 While SwissDHD needs to learn a few manners, he’s right on one
    point. PFHoe is for moving images, not still pictures. PFHoe is designed to
    work with video files, but you may need to convert them to an uncompressed
    MOV or AVI first.

  16. Revoss says:

    i cant find the surface button. Help me please?!

  17. Pål Christian says:

    that surface button isn’t in cs6 mocha :S

  18. darix360 says:

    tanks u!

  19. silmusashi says:

    Hey guys. I have a question about Mocha for After Effect. The thing is I
    want to mask a shot using mocha. But the shot is really shaky so in AE, I
    stablized the shot then doing some frame cutting to have the right timing
    for an action shot. Now everything has been done. The next step is to mask
    the character in the shot. So I wonder how can I use mocha to mask the
    final comp instead of the original shot?

  20. JackOLantern531 says:

    @shortformvideos Thanks… 😀

  21. TheCertifiedKilla says:

    Hey man I cant import the clip on mocha (any format) it say “Failed To Add
    File” do you knoe what im doing wrong?? Please help

  22. themashypotato says:

    my mocha is really slow, help pleeese!

  23. short-form video says:

    @AFTERLlFE No idea. Try converting your source file to an uncompressed,
    square-pixel AVI or MOV before importing it. Mocha is very picky about
    video codecs.

  24. ChickenZombieGaming says:

    @TheChinization You could, but it wouldn’t look as clean. Plus the reason
    for the video is to teach you how to use Mocha, not put videos onto ipods.
    I see where you are coming from though, you have a point XD

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