WordPress Tutorial: Working with Tags

WordPress Tutorial: Working with Tags

http://webspace.incredibletutorials.com In this WordPress lesson I focus in on what tags are and how to use them in your posts. Want to stay up to date on th…
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10 responses to “WordPress Tutorial: Working with Tags”

  1. Mlak Haughton says:

    Ps. Very useful Thanks

  2. girlishgrrl says:


  3. beautifuldorset says:

    useful and grateful

  4. Mlak Haughton says:


  5. simontecuida says:

    Great!! Very clear and very well explained!!

  6. ryalman21 says:

    what the hell is a TEG 🙂 I think he’s trying to talk about TAGs …..

  7. maverickguy12 says:

    I get what youre saying about visitors using tags to find related posts.
    However, Matt Cutts of Google says he doesnt use tags. I have used a ton of
    tags and thought they helped with seo and sem, but I think google is just
    reading it as spam. According to Cutts, categories should be sufficient for
    google and many tags can look spammy to google. Many tags also create
    duplicate content pages…which can be looked down upon by Google..

  8. Willie Cunningham says:

    Very well explained, tags made simple. Thank you.

  9. James Holland says:

    Great Tutorial!

  10. Monica Lennon says:

    Thanks, totally understand now.

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