Concept Art – Photoshop Tutorial (PSD Box)

Concept Art - Photoshop Tutorial (PSD Box)

Create a simple concept artwork in Photoshop. Learn how to create a night scene using the gradient tool. More info here:…
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25 responses to “Concept Art – Photoshop Tutorial (PSD Box)”

  1. Mohamed Alkom says:

    thank you man .. very nice :)

  2. Raymond St Paul says:

    Assume this process is still the same for CS6 Photoshop? I think there is
    also an error for getting the desert scene I kept trying an it kept telling
    an error at the site. What new tutorials you have for CS6 Extended that is
    the software I use. 

  3. julukman says:

    Thanks mate, just made myself a new background image :)

  4. Vlamixgame says:

    plees help me every time I open the desert picture He opens the photo in
    another file and in a different format and if I copy him in the right file
    is he much too small .and he is also not surrounds with a dots line like
    yours so I can not move or resize, it

  5. Andreea N says:

    you’re the best ♥

  6. RobinSoup says:

    ok 😉

  7. Tossphate says:

    Lovely concept, but I cant help feeling that the shadow is going the wrong

  8. Park Jae-sang says:

    well i download the same images as you, but when i shrink the earth to fit
    in the picture, it becomes very pixelated? nice tutorials by the way!

  9. Ilona Kravchenko says:

    Thank you for this perfect lesson 🙂

  10. Mario Gonzalez says:


  11. chafaa oumaouche says:

    can you send me this wallpapers to

  12. Nocturnal Demon says:

    Best photoshop teacher in the world hands down!!! Thanks again Andrei you
    and your vids are a big help to me 😀

  13. Leart Rama says:

    I can’t find large photo of that sandy desert please help me.

  14. 66yahoo6 says:

    Foarte tare miai dat niste idei destul de bune, pana acuma am reusit sa fac
    ceva, din pacate doar cu mousul deoarece nu am tableta grafica… 🙁 daca
    vrei si eventual sa-mi dai niste sfaturi

  15. taurusgia says:


  16. Ken Clemas says:

    Hi, great tutorial … I did some wicked manipulations by following this
    vid , although I have Elements 10 a few things were different but I worked
    it out .. thanks again !!

  17. alfonzo lannister says:

    wwooowww!! me encanto este tutorial facil y kon un gran resultadoo !!! tank

  18. Denak37 says:

    IS THERE ANY WAY To get this photo at max clarity and resolution to look
    the most hd and clean it can for something? Would I have to purchase or is
    there somewhere I can download it?

  19. Karon Price says:

    What size would you use for your artwork when you first start?

  20. Andrei Oprinca says:

    the maximum that the stock images allow me.

  21. EbbeTheGuitarist says:

    Great tutorial. I have one question though. When you make artwork like
    this, do you get all the leagal rights for commercial use to the finished
    picture if you for example found the starting photos online, or do you have
    to own the original photos to get the leagal rights to the finished
    artwork? Are those starting pictures in this tutorial yours, or did you
    find them online?

  22. jewel dangeros says:

    2 thumbs up is not enough for your tuts. 🙂 the best bro! keep it up..

  23. TheRealRoof says:

    great work mate, thanks for sharing you knowledge

  24. LUPITA311 says:

    great tutorial, I could almost feel the loneliness of that poor man…

  25. Faton Jusufi says:

    this one i like the most from all the photo manipulations that you have,
    actually! very well done to you!

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