Dreamweaver cs 5 tutorial : Creating, Styling and Validating a Simple Contact form

Dreamweaver cs 5  tutorial : Creating, Styling and Validating a Simple Contact form

download a cool looking form and a php script right here http://qualitylessons.net/downloads Dreamweaver form creation and Validation.
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22 responses to “Dreamweaver cs 5 tutorial : Creating, Styling and Validating a Simple Contact form”

  1. Karen McLean says:

    fantastic step by step guide! 

  2. Harshit Parmar says:

    I want the submit button solutation …. How it works and how i can set the
    thank you massage

  3. Dee Iwu says:

    I have seen several videos by you and must say, you are AMAZING. I have
    learned so much from you. you are doing a great job. there are some people
    who don’t have the money to pay for a class or have the time to sit in a
    class and this is convenient. Keep it coming, you are awesome!

  4. Borna Pavlić says:

    Link of your bg image?

  5. Mike Harvey says:

    it ok got it working now

  6. Matthew O'Gorman says:

    You are awesome man, I’v learnt so much from your tutorials! Keep them

  7. Mike Harvey says:

    i have followed the instruction on how to style the form, but when i go to
    the image, nothin shows or no image shows in the background of the form.

  8. Sasha zabyv says:

    Very nice! thank you for the help!

  9. jhoni harrisandi says:

    you are so good, thanks so much for this tutorial

  10. Mohit Manuja says:

    @MrThijstube I m putting the link in the description, u may download the
    php script and keep it in the same folder as the html file and link the 2
    up .

  11. hsbrasil says:

    i am getting weird characters via email for words like : “Criação”, is it a
    utf8 problem? how can i fix? i tried searching on google but found nothing.
    Thank you, really nice tutorial!

  12. 2diefor8694 says:

    Brilliantt tutorial , Mohit is the best with dreamweaver , very well

  13. Andres Caceres Coronel says:

    I don’t knew this trick for the form…! Thank you…! 8->

  14. Yoshan Bisanka says:


  15. thunder cagayan says:

    Can I ask what version of Dreamweaver CS5 you are using? Thank you very
    much 🙂

  16. dewi1989 says:

    Having some trouble with the php. What parts exactly do I need to change
    and what do I change them too ? Cheers

  17. sijesh4kumar says:

    Mohit, i have made a contact form design in photoshop, can you tell me how
    can i code it in dreamweaver.??? thanks

  18. dewi1989 says:

    Great tutorial learnt a lot thank you very much.

  19. Romesh fernando says:

    download page no twork

  20. Thijs de Vries says:

    hey hey I liked the tutorial very well but how do i connect the form to my
    e-mail so that I receive a e-mail when they click on submit.

  21. Sunil Thakur says:

    good job..!!

  22. Allformyequine says:

    I watched your tutorial, it’s great by the way ;-). I have the contact form
    and your downloaded script in a folder. How do I link them together?

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