Photoshop CS6 – Abstract Shapes Effect – Tutorial

Photoshop CS6 - Abstract Shapes Effect - Tutorial

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19 responses to “Photoshop CS6 – Abstract Shapes Effect – Tutorial”

  1. ahmed youssef says:
  2. Anggitt Anggitta says:


  3. Shuja Rabbani says:

    One of the best and clearly explained tutorials with clarity and good speed
    to follow through.

  4. فوتوشوب العرب says:

    did it

  5. KikinProductions says:


  6. ImThatSickKid760 says:

    this is awesome. nice video, I’m going to try this

  7. seyi ade says:

    i want to how to use shapes in Photoshop

  8. cristy torres says:


  9. akash cs says:

    Amazing!!!Its cool man thanx 4 the video

  10. miiikaal says:

    what you didi in ending?

  11. GoldenGamerFilms says:

    Nice tutorial, Im just saying as a tip skip or fast forward the parts when
    your just doing something like making the shapes. Just a tip 😀

  12. midosscool says:

    nice music who agreed?

  13. TheMrsDumbluck says:

    pixels or you mean layers?

  14. eRik Lamas says:


  15. trek4623 says:

    Thank you

  16. Regina Ye says:

    why does youtube make a link to the time a comment is posted? What is the

  17. s2448941 says:

    hi thanks for that great lesson could you tell me how did you put layer 0
    like layer 4 coz i creat a new layer but ir was empty

  18. Hilulili says:

    Lovely . Thx 🙂

  19. Dom Brazzale says:

    A Potato! Of course!

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