C# Beginners Tutorial – 4 – Variables

C# Beginners Tutorial - 4 - Variables

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23 responses to “C# Beginners Tutorial – 4 – Variables”

  1. Brad Chailland says:

    Damn it… This is just like Visual Basic… (so far anyways)

  2. TheUnusualNetwork says:

    since i’m beginner don’t go hard on me. i have one question how can i
    connect with all these videos to learn basic in programing in unity?

  3. Jamil Tomerowi says:

    Seems you have problems with uTorrent, don’t you?

  4. morskipaskenny says:

    I know Java, and this is so similar to it!

  5. Hesein Burg says:

    man ur always zoomed way the fuck out, not every can stream 720p

  6. prasad amberkar says:

    ur videos r very useful better than learning from our college teachers.. bt
    its really hard to see!!

  7. June Alex says:

    Thanks for the tutos. quick question: I am on VSE 2013 Desktop edition.
    When I debug, the message box shows up before the application with button1,
    when I remove the message box, the application with the button appears BUT
    clicking on the button yields nothing. I noticed I do not have a private
    void buttn1_click … statement but a private void form1_Load . How can I
    solve this problem please? Thanks

  8. waheed aziz says:

    whats the point of using anything other than object if object can hold

  9. Rajesh Pattanaik says:

    Superb!! i am learning from your videos. Thanks man for your all effort.

  10. Abdullah Nauman says:

    Seriously you guys should really consider learning C++ with bucky. It is it
    easier to learn. And if you learn C++, C# is a breeze. I mean obj is the
    same thing as temple. 

  11. FizzyMania says:

    I didnt really get the obj variable . 

  12. George Bush says:

    I was really expecting to learn the syntax of programming, all I have
    learnt is how to build an application which hold different variables.

  13. redstone dash says:

    if only I could do this instead of my math home work!

  14. Java-X says:

    Lol utorrent.exe

  15. II Andrew says:

    you forgot the “float”

  16. DoorKnob says:

    It’s what it says. Not an error, just a warning. It means you created
    “name” but never used it.

  17. Mark McloudSixFour says:

    so can somebody tell me whats the purpose of all the other variables if you
    can just use object?

  18. skaterlater18 says:

    -.-‘ You’re an asshole! You probley don’t even know C++, you just watched
    tutorials and then said you’re better then me! JUST Because you watched a
    shitty tutorial!

  19. MultiSamster says:

    U need some sleep lol!

  20. Jutanium says:

    I like to think of them as storage spaces.

  21. Howtodothatshit says:

    Lol, are you kidding me? I think most of these people know. I also do Java,
    C++ and a bit of Visual Basic 🙂

  22. xb34x says:

    you could also use -> double myDouble = 1.2;
    MessageBox.Show(myDouble.ToString()); to show decimals. o.0

  23. Dainius G says:

    Lol, the way you say “Yup” ;]]

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