Fireworks 8 Tutorial

Fireworks 8 Tutorial

fireworks tutorial how ti make ged pics.
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5 responses to “Fireworks 8 Tutorial”

  1. Zuko Zukin says:

    name of th song please???

  2. Ibrahim Javed says:

    can someone tell me how to make snow in fireworks 8 i have madded a
    animated snow in fireworks 8 ok when we see the pic of snow it does not
    show that it is animated but when i edit it in fireworks it show all the
    animation i know that snow will work i just want to know how to add a pic
    in the snow can someone tell me?

  3. TechDeckCrazy123 says:

    here m8 pictures class

  4. Terry L Jones Jr says:

    what makes you think somebody wants to listen to that shit?

  5. JamieRobertson1 says:

    cheers bud 😉

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