How to Create Link on image file with Fireworks

How to Create Link on image file with Fireworks How to Create Link on image using Adobe Fireworks Tutorial Free.
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4 responses to “How to Create Link on image file with Fireworks”

  1. Andrew Ross says:

    Thanks. Do you know how to do a link like that but export the image as a
    Jpeg? I want to embed a jpeg in email with a link attached to a section of
    the email´╗┐

  2. iSanSar says:

    @exonerator for that you need to duplicate that image and change the
    information and do link to that file…

  3. Annie Hall says:

    Thank you for this video. If anybody can help me, I desperately need help.
    I have followed every single step on here and yet when I open up my
    exported image the links do not work. They aren’t even clickable! If I did
    everything exactly as you did it here, why wouldn’t they work?

  4. exonerator says:

    Nice video! However I want to learn how to link things -within- fireworks
    instead. For example I’m at my homepage and I want to navigate to another
    page, what do I have to do?

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