Photoshop & Apophysis Tutorial, Creating Crazy Fractal Effects

Photoshop & Apophysis Tutorial, Creating Crazy Fractal Effects

In this tutorial I go over how to use Apophysis with Photoshop and create some really crazy lighting effects like those seen in my piece “A Lovecracking Bott…

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16 responses to “Photoshop & Apophysis Tutorial, Creating Crazy Fractal Effects”

  1. Sharon Hart says:

    cool … thanks great tutural. I tutor kids and this is a great fun idea to
    keep them interested. 

  2. Sylvia Thornton says:

    Very helpful! Thank you!

  3. aliendogbrain says:

    I didn’t know this app existed, I am LOVING it! Thanks!

  4. Roberto ferreira says:

    Hello how are you …? My name is Roberto I’m from Brazil I live in São
    Paulo capital. I like your tutorial!. But I have a pergunta.Como I get
    these pictures there? I have found to accompany you, it is very hard to
    find! you can tell me how to think? Thank you for your attention.

  5. Vanessa Hernandez says:

    Do you NEED to have Photoshop to use this program?

  6. CamiloSanchez1979 says:

    thank you my brotha

  7. Caeadas says:

    Well just so you know… Apophysis is a program that has unbelievable
    potential if you take the time to learn how to use it

  8. Hannah K says:

    “fractal wizard” xD

  9. 1337Cookietail says:


  10. pachukostyle says:

    very helpfull tanks!!!

  11. Maggieyoell says:

    wow this helped me a bazillion! Thanks SO much!

  12. blendmode says:

    3D Studio Max

  13. YTJedi66 says:

    Great job of colorful goodness. 🙂 Thanks!

  14. Fictionalhead says:

    @Vedant002 on PC you press Alt+Backspace, or Ctrl + Backspace, it’s the
    same as doing edit >> fill, with foreground and background colors.

  15. Xzendor7 Fractal Art Compositions says:

    I Do Something Similar But I Use Fractron 9000 And Photo Elements To Create
    Fractal Art Compositions That Aren’t Abstract But Look Like Painted Scenes
    Of World, Fantasy Art, Dreamscapes And Epic Creations

  16. Benjamin Humphrey says:

    DUDE…. Awesome.. ive been using ultra fractal and this is way better….

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