TUTORIAL | How to Burn an iMovie Project to DVD | HD

TUTORIAL | How to Burn an iMovie Project to DVD | HD

Do you need to burn a movie to a disk from iMovie??? WELL, watch this video and you will learn how. Using iDVD you will be able to add a play menu and burn y…
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22 responses to “TUTORIAL | How to Burn an iMovie Project to DVD | HD”

  1. Roshni Agarwal says:

    Thank you SO MUCH!!!

  2. KrellLab says:

    I have all versions of iMovie. If you want to make DVDs, you will get
    MUCH better results using iMovie 06.
    IMovie 06 is part of iLife 06, readily available on Amazon or eBay.

  3. Abel Gonzales says:

    Hahaha great tutorial! !!


  4. Selina Kyle says:

    why my mac doesn’t have idvd?

  5. Jahan M.Verki says:

    Not a good teacher!

  6. Noraxo says:


  7. Noraxo says:


  8. O'Neal Fox says:

    I don’t have iDVD!!!!!

  9. Trevor says:

    You are the biggest, most-useless arsehole on youtube.

  10. Katherine Hallmon says:

    Those who don’t have a Mac, can they still view it?

  11. Matt Van Wolput says:

    Thank you:0

  12. Presley Cash says:

    It was so helpful and I was really excited about it but I have a macbook
    pro and I noticed I didn’t have iDvd. UGH! Thanks anyway…

  13. SHAUNMILLA says:


  14. tiptipalicious says:

    What kind of DVD disc do you recommend? or does it matter what kind i use?

  15. Greg Ports says:

    wait, so how do you do this on a pc with window movie maker? PS i don’t
    have idvd

  16. Ascare26 says:

    This video isn’t correct. Go to apple support for the correct way.

  17. J M says:

    how do i burn my iMovie HD video in a 1080i format? I want to burn my video
    in blue ray quality. can you help?

  18. Daisy Montalvo says:

    i dnt hav idvd ? :/

  19. TheRazrsharp16 says:

    it’s probably because you have a newer Mac. All Macs came with iDVD
    installed up until like 2010 and now its kind of an obsolete program; not
    that many people use it anymore

  20. ewout09 says:

    you must buy word document and powerpoint etc but my mac hasn’t iDVD
    neither so im looking for a download or something

  21. amandamo32 says:

    another life saved! Thanks!

  22. BeyondGaming says:

    download idvd of appstore for 15 bucks

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