Overcast Sky & Clouds – Lightroom 4 Raw Editing Tutorial – Digihill Photography – HD

Overcast Sky & Clouds - Lightroom 4 Raw Editing Tutorial - Digihill Photography - HD

A short tutorial looking at a quick and simple technique turning an overcast photograph into something rich in detail and with dynamic clouds. Some awesome l…
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13 responses to “Overcast Sky & Clouds – Lightroom 4 Raw Editing Tutorial – Digihill Photography – HD”

  1. Ian Waters says:

    I am amazed at the before and after i would have deleted the before now i
    will def try some editing first. Many thanks

  2. Jacob Shaw says:

    Cheers for the help!

  3. Chris Manning says:

    This was handy I had a ton of RAW images I went back and tweaked so thanks.

  4. Lisa Edwards says:

    Found this very informative as a beginner, I have some lovely shots I saved
    from bad skies so thanks 🙂

  5. Simply Mr Hill says:

    Thanks, and it’s so easy! With a few simple steps and the know how of
    editing you can seriously improve dull shots.

  6. Morris Simpson says:

    Tried this with a stack of raw files I had thrown to one side because they
    were too bright and it worked a treat thank you vbery much

  7. Wayne C says:

    Nice tips used this to improve my blown out skies.

  8. awtfchannel says:

    fab nice one

  9. Simply Mr Hill says:

    Thanks, with regards to the Halo effect, I tend not to worry about a slight
    halo against cloudy skies, as it can often blend in and be overlooked, my
    pet hate is over powering HDR images with the subject against a blue or
    plain background with a monstrous white halo. I’d rather the slight halo
    than to dismiss an image as beyond hope, and would urge others to play
    around with something they would normally scrap. Thanks for watching I’m
    glad you’ve learned something new 🙂

  10. Ethan McFenton says:

    Thanks for this!

  11. DazOnion says:

    quick, easy, helpful, top notch

  12. Andrew Nash says:

    Very useful and concise – thank you!

  13. MsOnce4all says:

    Interesting. I’ve never seen that approach before of cranking the contrast
    all the way up, then working the other sliders to bring detail back into
    the image. It worked; you got a pretty good result overall. I learned a new
    technique to try! The only negative effect I saw was that when you cranked
    the clarity all the way up, it accentuated the halo on the horizon a bit
    too much for my taste. Thanks for this video.

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