Tutorial 18.2 – Developing a Linked List in C#

Tutorial 18.2 - Developing a Linked List in C#

This tutorial explains how to create a simple linked list data structure by hand in C#.

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5 responses to “Tutorial 18.2 – Developing a Linked List in C#”

  1. 0ptimusslime says:

    Haha, just getting into recursion and more complex programming and my mind
    was blown today. Its a whole new world.

  2. eht namuh says:


  3. RivskiWloczega says:

    amazing explanation, I also like that you are keeping the tempo up, so its
    impossible to get bored, good job :)

  4. Almost there.. says:

    Great explanation. However, it does a while to understand for beginners.

  5. Jeff Chastine says:

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