After Effects Tutorial: Trapcode Form Text Explosion

After Effects Tutorial: Trapcode Form Text Explosion A lot of people asked for this tutorial and Im glad to bring it to you! In this tutorial…
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25 responses to “After Effects Tutorial: Trapcode Form Text Explosion”

  1. felipebogaerts says:

    whats ur mac config?

  2. nikhil malkood says:

    hey baker please help me out my ae software is not properly working dont no y 🙁 when ever i start ram previewing my ae says “AE not responding” and starts blinking continuosly plenty of times and then after sometime it starts previewing..i know not what to do 🙁 🙁 help me!

  3. YrevzZ says:

    i have been messing with the gun for but i have to have the masked gun layer under and with the form solid or the particles go away

  4. GWOPPING says:

    oh and nice easy tutorial btw thanks 🙂

  5. GWOPPING says:

    either your mac is very fast or mine is very slow, im using ae5 on a i5 2.3 16gb of ram and its struggling at quater resolution playback taking averagely 14 seconds to few a frame! fml

  6. ToGzGaming says:

    Guys I did this it is so simple. All you have to do is precompose your text layer, then in the precomposed layer, just fade the opacity on both texts so it looks smooth, then in ur main comp you time it so the opaticy fades when after your text explodes. It is complicated to explain but try it it is so easy and looks so good!

  7. Martin Zequeira says:


  8. UnBurrnable says:

    aw i dont have twitch

  9. Zickmusic4montage says:

    Hey guys go check out my editing contest

  10. Anton Vamplew says:

    Excellent. Thank you.

  11. TheTLPStudio says:

    can you give a tut for that Obey Agony

  12. PwrEdits says:

    either toggle transparency grid, in the idle right underneath the vid preview, or change the blending mode to add .

  13. omar posthuma says:

    hey baker, if i go to graph editor the graph editor work space looks diffrent any help how i can change that?

  14. FreShnicKofficiall says:

    thanks :) twixtor didnt work -.- but timewarp 🙂

  15. ToGzGaming says:

    just precompose it then add a timewarp effect (built in) or twixtor (plugin) and key frame the speed

  16. FreShnicKofficiall says:

    Hey Baker , i want to slow down the particles. how to do that ?

  17. ItsQuetFoul says:

    Hey man, i used this on a cinematic, and becuse i got a black solid its like black things that explode aswell, lol how can i get that away?

  18. McDripz says:

    He is on a mac, Optimus prime would never dare!

  19. xQuickNikk says:

    Thanks dawg 🙂
    Always love your tuts.

  20. FomlEdits says:

    When I mask out something it doesn’t work it just does the effect on the whole clip? :c

  21. ByJauzh says:

    Could you do this to the Element 3d text?

  22. LordACmiamison says:

    Hey, is it possible to slow down the particles with twixtor to rotate with 3d camera?

  23. MikzyEdits says:

    correction, apex mactomus 

  24. MikzyEdits says:

    link the texts and do they keyframes backwerds

  25. MrDynastyEdits says:

    How about making it explode, then you do the same thing with the a different word but do it backwards, like reverse it. The only tricky part is making the two different text explosions looking the same.

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