Tutorial “Biped Footstep, Layers, and Inverse Kinematics Part 2 -3DS MAX


In this tutorial I cover how to use the Biped footstep rollout, Layers rollout, as well as how to use Inverse Kinematics with Biped bones. I tried to show ho…

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19 responses to “Tutorial “Biped Footstep, Layers, and Inverse Kinematics Part 2 -3DS MAX”

  1. Daniel Derbez says:

    Migrating from maya to 3d max these tutorials saved my life man. Thanks a

  2. Gary Ruddock says:

    Thanks, for the object IK tip. Pretty nifty.

  3. JompAess says:

    How do i add a character to it? Like if i had a model i wanted the biped to

  4. Induran Industries says:

    I learnt some good stuff.

  5. Sean Leith says:

    You need to create an animation cycle when all of them are done. I think

  6. nadav123231 says:

    YES thank you so much for an amazing tutorial!

  7. Dynasty says:

    To get fisted by a gorilla.

  8. BLACKPEARL992 says:

    what did you mean by that??? i found on my own a way out is based in how
    longer i want to keep my footsteps so make them to keep more time. . .

  9. Marcel K says:

    Love your voice 😛 (no homo) 😀

  10. MSCode says:

    Thanks for taking the time to explain what most people can’t.

  11. Marcel K says:

    of the small penis competition.

  12. Hasan Snabra says:

    hi can u tell me how to model (biped) i want to do a commercial about fido
    dido character but i don’t know how to model so can u teach me if u can
    make a short video thx

  13. BLACKPEARL992 says:

    what if i want to make my character walk and then stop between my footsteps
    and then walk again??

  14. mieuxmoonen says:

    I’m no expert in this, but that sounds like you still got “Figure Mode”
    on/off in the motion tab. (Not sure if this needs to be on or off, but my
    guess is this needs to be off for animating)

  15. DNDeadBodyMan says:

    yeah yeah but then the dads get involved and then sisters beer and drugs o
    it gets bad fast.

  16. Saw Robin says:

    Thanks! 😀

  17. georgesd9 says:

    I’m using 3DS 2013, I couldn’t find an IK button in the motion tab, only a
    check box

  18. KRACKHEAD100 says:

    for me whenever i reposition a limb and play it, it goes back to the
    original mocap position how do i fix this?

  19. XvisionZ_Predetor says:

    wow imagine if you were sponsered by machinima you would be big

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