Convert HTML to WordPress Theme – Part 1

Convert HTML to WordPress Theme - Part 1

Part 1 – A look at how to convert a static html template to a full WordPress theme. Files can be downloaded at…

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17 responses to “Convert HTML to WordPress Theme – Part 1”

  1. Robert Nicjoo says:

    Hi Brad,
    Thanks for your amazing tutorial videos. I’ve question:

    I need to know how to make elements show up only if have value?! I searched
    for long long times but found nothing!!
    For example I’ve social networks icons in my page I want images shows up
    only if user set a link to those in panel if not do not show. How to do it??


  2. Mohammad Ferdous says:
  3. Satiz Kg says:

    Thanks A lot for such a wonderful tutorial, Subscribed… nice job thanks

  4. Cyrus Besabella says:

    thanks for this tutorial!

  5. Fatin Jalil says:

    how I want to install the customize theme that I have create for my
    wordpress? bcuz its not link at the Appearance-Theme 16:01

  6. Elmar Rhex Gomez says:

    I want to know if you memorize some CSS class in WordPress, What I have
    observed is that you remove the un-ordered list which has a Class of
    “current_page_item” and replace it with an auto generated list. Am I right?
    if yes do I need to memorize CSS class specific in WordPress?

  7. Cedrix Rutto says:

    Thanks for the tutorial

  8. ClarkMUD says:

    Seems dangerous to have everything in your dropbox account. 

  9. Basudeb Namhata says:
  10. Teti Ribeiro says:


  11. Pcmarche Autoentrepreneur says:

    awesome video tutorial,nice job thanks Brad

  12. Litruv says:

    This helps so much more than anything else I’ve seen, thanks dude.

  13. Frasenti francesco says:

    Very useful video, thx a lot Brad!!!

  14. Georgian Cazan says:

    hi brother

    where do i put the navbar regarding the fact theres an animated drop down

  15. Ukenpachi says:

    I am loving this so few but I got one question. Does this work method work
    for a responsive template if not please can you tell us or show us how to
    do it please Thanks 

  16. Janak Champaneri says:

    i learn a lot from this ,bt what abt responsiveness?

  17. Georgian Cazan says:

    hi nice tut, although you didn’t explain why you copied code from there up
    to there in both header and footer, but i figured out myself.

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