Macromedia Fireworks mx 2004 Tutorial

Macromedia Fireworks mx 2004 Tutorial

shaun wilsons amazing tutorial on macromedia mx 2004.

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19 responses to “Macromedia Fireworks mx 2004 Tutorial”

  1. ChaarJerktiingz says:

    Its Blury :/

  2. Andrew Nugent says:

    when ever i try to draw, fill areas with paint bucket, it dosent let me to
    it ( it shows a symbol that is a circle with a diagonlal line through it

  3. GerardWayFanxXxo says:

    Thanks 🙂

  4. GerardWayFanxXxo says:

    I can do all that but i have one problem! The bit at the bottom where it
    says play, it doesn’t let me click it! Can anybody help me?

  5. snjdsiadfj dkjasdjf says:

    what does macromedia fireworks do?

  6. pivotmasterDZ1213 says:

    this was used to make nyan cat

  7. crazimichael123 says:

    what did u do to make the 2nd copy flip to the other side ?

  8. GLGAMERS | Minecraft, Public Trolling & More says:

    how do i turn the writing or picture so it goes down the side of a

  9. Shaun Wilson says:

    @crazimichael123 0:30 i paste it, then 0:33 i click the black pointer,
    click on the image i just pasted and at 0:34, that’s how i flipped it, drag
    the line up so it’s diagonally facing the top right hand corner, make it
    symmetrical to the other image which is facing diagonally towards the
    bottom right corner. Hope that helps

  10. cardclashers says:

    What is it for DVD covers?

  11. shazzdee01 says:

    great vid, thanks 😀

  12. Afnan says:

    how do u blend colors?

  13. Andrew Nugent says:

    it orite av got it now cheers

  14. streetdancerJJ says:

    ig to this prorgamme but say i had a normal backroudn colour..lets say
    black in stead of it being square corners how do i make then rounded?
    please help me someone

  15. MisterTutorialKid says:

    i got same problem

  16. Afnan says:

    how do you blend colors in fireworks? if u answer this question u will get
    a sub from me

  17. DianaMarina321 says:


  18. CSPROSURFER says:

    ur amazing!

  19. Karl Liege says:


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