Photoshop Color Replacement Tool | Photoshop CC Tutorial

Photoshop Color Replacement Tool | Photoshop CC Tutorial This a Photoshop CC Tutorial where you will learn how to Replace Color in Photoshop CC. This tutorial will work in any modern ver…
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15 responses to “Photoshop Color Replacement Tool | Photoshop CC Tutorial”

  1. Justin Neagle says:

    I’ve tried to friggin change Luigi’s overalls from Blue to orange and it
    keeps looking crappy and it’s pissing me off. I don’t know how this works

  2. Ryan Garcia says:

    i thought this was a tutorial for the color replacement tool BRUSH -_- Do
    you have that?

  3. I Da Bushwookie says:

    How do I change a color that is white or black? because it does nothing
    when I change the Hue

  4. Roberto Blake says:

    Photoshop Color Replacement Tutorial, #photoshop #photoshoptutorials 

  5. 17th Dimension GFX says:

    Dude you just saved me a lot of time. Definitely appreciate this tutorial.
    Also my last name is Blake too!!

  6. Sam Pollard says:

    Thank You – that was very helpful.

  7. ManInTheWorld says:

    why is second way better and what did u mean by non- destructively 

  8. iiArez says:

    Thank you man, helped alott

  9. Chris Diaz says:

    great video!

  10. Diane Hosier says:

    I am new to photo shop! One of the best, quickest, and simplest videos I
    have watched so far!!!! Awesome! Don’t know if there is a way or not….
    but do you know how to take a color from the swatches and use that color to
    replace a certain color in a photo??? Can’t seem to find a video like this

  11. Sweeney stainpain H84U says:


  12. Sweeney stainpain H84U says:

    I prefer the color change tech because of the reflective short cut. Getting
    that foreground Hugh makes all the difference as far as making it SEEM like
    that was the original. BTW, WHY REFER TO IT AS DESTROYING when personally I
    “save as copy” to prevent the loss. That or copy prior. 101

  13. thinkingshop thinktank says:

    Thanks Roberto!

  14. Ken Diewert says:

    Just what I needed. Clear, concise, informative… thanks!

  15. William Wilfe says:

    Thank you…you made it easy for me

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