CSS Video Tutorial Pt 1

CSS Video Tutorial Pt 1

In this tutorial I cover how: To Link to External Style Sheets : To Embed Style Sheet : Definitions in HTML : What they Mean by Cascading : How CSS’s Work Differently with Inline versus Block Elements : How to Define Style Elements Article and Code is Here: bit.ly

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16 responses to “CSS Video Tutorial Pt 1”

  1. jabarijae says:

    Why is the “This is a Awesome This is bold” text line not all the same color, purple?

  2. derekbanas says:

    Thank you. I don’t keep people from embedding my videos. Actually I greatly appreciate it when people do that.

  3. patrickscott2011 says:

    Great tutorial. Fast paced and most informative. I don’t know if it makes any difference but I found your tutorials at jayaramprabhudurairaj.. At first, I thought they were producing the tutorial.
    Keep up the great work.

  4. derekbanas says:

    Thanks. I try to cover pretty much everything

  5. AnionsCations says:

    Very good explanation of why the style was interrupted due to block tags. I didn’t know that.

  6. AnionsCations says:

    I was puzzled why the word “awesome” was purple. Thank you for clarifying that. Purple is the default style for the a tag once it’s visited.

  7. iHsg16 says:

    You know what its 1 am so ill continue this tmrw lol zzzzz

  8. osilion says:

    Thank you, for not saying uhm, for speaking clearly, for keeping your instruction concise. You do all instructers everywhere a credit by your example. May people who are making an editable video who say “um” burn in hell.

  9. TheDruida72 says:

    thanks broskie im 14 years old and im a web designer thats staring a bussines ur series are so awsome and helped me a lot bro thanks and keep it up a lot of ppl rlly need this information to perform and do better with things related to this:)!

  10. bicepjai says:

    this is pretty awesome for fee !!

  11. derekbanas says:

    Thank you. It’s nice to know I’ve helped 🙂

  12. dailyexercise says:

    Thank you derek. My first journalism instructor was my best and most influential. His approach was similar to what I perceive yours to be: “forget what you think you know and what you think you need to know, here’s what you really need to know. Stripped of all the b.s. It is pretty straight forward and will take you as far as you want to go.” Thank you again. Teachers like you apparently do come along twice in a lifetime.

  13. CrazyShooter199 says:

    Also please make playlists 😉 Make them language specific, like a playlist for each language, and put them in order one should learn them for example for PHP, first your “How to code in PHP” tuts then your “PHP message board” TUTS 😀

  14. CrazyShooter199 says:

    AWESOME MAN YOUR TUTS ARE THE BEST! Do you think I’ll be able to write awesome websites by the time I finish watching your HTML, JavaScript, CSS and PHP vids? Do I need anything else? SQL?

  15. derekbanas says:

    You’re welcome. Yes, I make tiny errors on occasion, but people normally don’t notice them:) I do my best to make sure everything works in the end

  16. unkerpaulie says:

    very good tutorial, I’m currently teaching myself web design with html, css, php, javascript and mysql along with any other technology that helps to create interactive web sites, and youtube is my primary resource because of the fact that its free! Thank you for making this available for people like me! 2 points of critique, however: you missed the opening bold tag, and the word “awesome” was dark blue because it was a link, not because of the style definition. Keep up the great work though!

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