Apple iPad Tutorial Part 2

Apple iPad Tutorial Part 2

Applications and Customization: Appstore Setup and Use, Brightness and wallpaper, Notifications and Sounds, Home Screen Customization. iPad Tutorial iPad 1 Tutorial iPad 2 Tutorial Apple Tutorial Apple iPad 3 Tutorial This video is the sole property of MobileConceptz Group LLC and can not be used or reproduced without express written consent. Copyright 2011 MobileConceptz Group LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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8 responses to “Apple iPad Tutorial Part 2”

  1. versaccie says:

    u need to go 2 ur computer, then iTunes. change it there 😉

  2. natabear1 says:

    I added a name to a picture folder and need to change the name. Can’t figure out how123

  3. jrgenhwn1 says:

    @arsten24, @stoplllL00, @CatySss and for those below who are looking for an iPad 2 for Free, simply google:

    Nice review btw, I get my New iPad for FREE by the end of the week. can’t wait for it! weee 🙂

  4. thereisawayorg says:

    Very nice thanks!

  5. TheRamuChandra says:

    I just bought an Ipad 2 and trying out to see if maybe the i pad 3 would be better do u have any comments…

  6. sybrix says:

    Am I the only one actually jamming out to the music? 😛

  7. AnnieB49 says:

    Loving these videos. Not loving the music 🙂

  8. betspath says:

    Can you give us a tutorial for prepping your iPad 2 for sale….please?

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