Expanding Website Text Box: Dreamweaver Tutorial!

Expanding Website Text Box: Dreamweaver Tutorial!

Check this video out at Hi-Res here: www.tutvid.com Learn how to create a web text box that get bigger or smaller depending on how much text you place in it! Also make a header that spans the users screen no matter what size! Check out www.tutvid.com
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17 responses to “Expanding Website Text Box: Dreamweaver Tutorial!”

  1. nakatomy says:

    Saved my Day bro!!

  2. KillZtreakZ says:

    hey what did you press at 3:45??

  3. joeygart says:

    You got a lot of skill on Dream weaver, for making good videos like this.

  4. blakarosoe86 says:

    Maybe I sound dumb
    but, how do I get the HTML file into a div or table?

  5. GTAvideofuel says:

    can you just send me your comment box embed code, if you can thanks

  6. princessfrosting says:

    ok i’m having issues with the background color of the content box, i delete the layer, and then i am left with the blank image… so i try to change the color, i don’t get the color all i get is a ton of little boxes all over the screen so i dont understand what stype i missed

  7. vespacurry says:

    Very good tutorial thanks mate…

  8. fonosayno says:

    You need to set a fixed height on the text box then set the overflow to auto

  9. fonosayno says:

    I have to say that you have some really good tutorials. I personally don’t use dreamweaver as I was taught to code from scratch. The way you teach is really good though because even the dreamweaver bandits are going to understand why certain things work and why others don’t. Very good explanations!

  10. michelleot says:

    Thank you so much for this tutuorial! After a couple of tries, I finally did it but something very strange happened. When I opened it up in Dreamweaver, the color of the box completely changed from a red to a purply color. How could this have happened?? I’m completely freaked!

  11. 2nd2nobody says:

    Is there a tute with the expanding comment box that displays kinda like the comments here but with a scroll bar

  12. janapana007 says:

    your a star XXX i am learning so much from you tutorials :) thanks for your time and efforts

  13. alinoozoo says:

    Nice tutorial, but i have a problem: in Dreamweaver cs4 I can’t set those background images,i just can set bg color, but not bg image. Can someone help me ? 😀 thanks

  14. lovemily01 says:

    can you do this with photoshop?

  15. NikkexD says:

    lol, i mean “exports”

  16. NikkexD says:

    Photoshop experts sliced web layouts as a table, but it should be a div layout. That’s why.

  17. farrukhbig says:

    cannot replace borders with background images, unless insert there a div tag first.

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