Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Create a Vector Folder Icon

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Create a Vector Folder Icon

Check out this nice little tutorial on creating a fully vector, shiny, folder icon using Adobe Illustrator CS4. This tutorial is compatible with older versions of Adobe Illustrator as well. We will talk about using gradients and subtle shadows to create the illusion of depth in an illustration as well as masking different effects to get both a neat little text effect and a shiny surface on our folder. Sit back and enjoy or follow along for a complete learning experience! Follow me on Twitter! Be sure to check out Check out the blog @ http
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13 responses to “Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Create a Vector Folder Icon”

  1. Survivor X says:

    it’s too bright for my likeing

  2. joeygart says:

    That’s an awesome video again from you.

  3. BatusaiJack says:

    rounded rectangle

  4. mwproductions09 says:

    absolutly brilliant tutorial, i found this easy to use and understand. The fact that you also give the keyboard shortcuts is very very helpful. Thanks! 🙂

  5. REMCUREBOY says:

    once again another tutorial. wayyyy too fast and confusing.

  6. beatsme991 says:

    i was just wondering, can you tell me how to make it into an icon?

  7. stianplay123 says:

    works with illustrater cs5?

  8. JBRgaming says:

    srry what do i need to press on the end to make the 2 t letters in one?
    srry but im dutch so i dont know what letter it is…
    do i need to press ctrl and what letter?

  9. satrsmndri says:

    First of all, a big thank you for these tutorials. Something I can’t get right…When I delete the mask after releasing the opacity mask and after I delete the drop shadow in the Appearance window, I still have a drop shadow on the sides and bottom of the image. It looks like those are supposed to be gone after doing those steps but I can’t seem to get rid of it on mine.

  10. Blackmark52 says:

    No complaints about the instructions (other than misleadingly calling this fully vector art when it uses multiple raster effects). Your tutorials are among the best to be found. But I just gotta say: have you never seen a file folder?

  11. SheerPhotoshop says:

    How do you convert it to an ICO?? 🙂 please can you post a vid for that?? 🙂
    thanks man, great tut though 🙂

  12. LRMANIA says:

    lol watch this vid with transcribe audio captions and its going to be like wtf

  13. scientist100 says:

    Nate, are you planning on buying the new version of adobe products (CS5)?

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