Using If and Else Statements – C Sharp C# Visual Studio 2008

Using If and Else Statements - C Sharp C# Visual Studio 2008

In this tutorial I show you how to use if else statements in your code. WEBSITE: FORUMS

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12 responses to “Using If and Else Statements – C Sharp C# Visual Studio 2008”

  1. Amy Krizan says:

    Just wanted to say Thank you so much for all your Tutorials ^_^

  2. Shahbaz Hussaien says:

    45 days gone, read many books, copped many tutorials, but failed to understand what c sharp , so far I have no intention to give up, and later I will not give up even if I am stuck with the else and if for the next few years. 905 students in every field just have a wish only 10% are NOT morons. memory counts a lots 90% have a low status of memory. Well I don’t fall in the 10% and am wandering in C Sharp City. Please teach the process of Becoming a programmer , I am in the Majority Students HLEP

  3. Eshwaran M H says:

    can you please tell me how to create to radio buttons for male and female options and if i select one that message should be shown how do i do that…?

  4. DrMupparna says:

    im having troubble 🙁
    Im writing:
    if (progressbar1.value = 100)
    What its that im doing wrong ?

  5. Taru58 says:

    If you want the 4th option of “You Cant check both” when both is checked, then you need to write:

    if (checkBoxHello.checked & checkBoxAngry.checked)
    MessageBox.Show(“You Cant check both”);
    else if (checkBoxHello.checked)

    Same from here, both for the first checkbox & the second you use “else if”, for none picked “else”. Works for me. If you do it with a separate “if” then you get your 4th option +the first option displayed before/after the 4th depending where the new if is.

  6. Tazn0x says:

    Finally Learning C#! Thanks to you I am enjoying it. 🙂

  7. jojoceetv says:

    YOU SOB…. you explained this better than any other tutorial i watched on if else statements :/ i love you!!!

  8. siriusounds says:

    Can you make this even more interesting by adding another 4th option when all check boxes are checked with brand new message. Like, “You Cant check both”. I have little problem how to convert 1st Hello bool value to false. Or do I have to do it? How can we combine multiple bool values true and false and what is the final result?

  9. Justin Mahaney says:

    Why do you hate me? D:

  10. N00BPUN1SH3R says:

    thanks this helped a lot

  11. Ysarel77 says:

    im trying to make the if statment work in a console project but it just keep saying im wrong
    what to do?

  12. sam6800 says:

    Great tutorial, I understood everthing clearly.

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