Lightroom 4 Tutorial: Editing the Milky Way (Astrophotography)

Lightroom 4 Tutorial: Editing the Milky Way (Astrophotography)

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10 responses to “Lightroom 4 Tutorial: Editing the Milky Way (Astrophotography)”

  1. yyyy2999 says:

    These photos are all raw?

  2. Ruan van Niekerk says:

    Hey i whould like to know with what seting’s do you use?

  3. Morten Almkvist says:

    Nice video! Got a tip for you, when sharpening, bring up the “Masking” to
    not sharpen the areas between the stars. You can hold “Alt” while bringing
    up the masking to clearly see what you actually sharpen, this prevents a
    lot of noise in the image and sharpens only what needs to be sharpened.

  4. Calvin Yue says:

    hi harles,may i ask why i can use D300 to shoot the milky way as clear as
    yours.My setting is F4 30s iso 1600.Would it be influenced by the light

  5. Felix Dery says:

    Then you look at the prices and cry T_T

  6. salem al bader says:

    Thank you very much harles I hope you make a tutorial of merging the photos
    together to a video

  7. ImVxzR says:

    I love you so much , I was looking for one of these videos all day and
    there is hardly none , then I subbed you and you make one <3

  8. ADJLOBSTER08 says:

    This makes me want a mac 🙁

  9. NekitaNet says:

    That’s very complete. Thanks! 🙂

  10. xXLargeFarvaXx says:

    Thank you so very much for this Video!

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