How to Create Realistic Skin in Illustrator CS6 Tutorial

How to Create Realistic Skin in Illustrator CS6 Tutorial

I completed this piece, if you want to see me showing the layers one by one, go here: To see the finished vector: For QF Designs T-shirts, go to: My newest Gradient Mesh: My Deviantart page: A techniques to create realistic vector skin textures in Illustrator CS6.

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18 responses to “How to Create Realistic Skin in Illustrator CS6 Tutorial”

  1. jaisako says:

    what do u click the get the white box shape get invisible with no white color?

  2. Quarrie Franklin says:

    hell yes

  3. Quarrie Franklin says:

    It was created in Illustrator CS6

  4. aone kustomz says:


  5. aone kustomz says:


  6. Quarrie Franklin says:

    What you got in mind? Let’s get it, I could use some money right about now.

  7. Quarrie Franklin says:

    Thanks Aone.

  8. aone kustomz says:

    i would love to work with you! lets get money!!!!

  9. aone kustomz says:

    you doin your thang my brother!!!!!!! u da man!!!!

  10. DontCallMeBillieJean says:

    MJ *_*

  11. leviterande says:

    holy crap is this CGI!!!! omg!!!!!!!!!

  12. Quarrie Franklin says:

    Please watch my “how to start a gradient mesh” video, it will help get some the information you may have missed. But to answer your question, I put illustrator in “outline mode.” Go to “view” and you’ll see outline mode and should be able to sample colors, if you followed the steps mentioned in the “how to start a gradient mesh” video.

  13. Chester McDougan says:

    how did you make the meshs color disapear? i tried lowering the opacity so i could just sample directly from the source picture but once i start trying to color the inside points it wont let me because the original color of it was white

  14. Quarrie Franklin says:

    You’re welcome

  15. Quarrie Franklin says:

    I don’t know which video I covered this in. But if I find it, I’ll get back to you on that. 1.) But in the meantime, to create new mesh lines, you have to click on a already present mesh line. 2.) Creating curvy mesh can be tricky, be patient and place mesh lines where you want to pick up color. It would be much easier to show this, then to type an explanation. I’ll see about making a video covering this.

  16. airwolfman says:

    Thanks for all your work man.

  17. Kelley Pascoe says:

    Cool can’t wait to see it.

  18. Kelley Pascoe says:

    Hey Frank looks like you got the new Illustrator CS6. How do you like it? It it easier to works with? Anything new for Gradient Mesh drawing in it? great video by the way. I like it and wonder if you can apply this to car to give them a more realistic look? I’m doing a new Ferrari 458 right now and taping it with Camtasia Studio to show how you do a car.

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