Fireworks Inlay and Emboss Textured Text Logo Effects Tutorial : CS3 CS4 CS5

Fireworks Inlay and Emboss Textured Text Logo Effects Tutorial : CS3 CS4 CS5

Tutorial for Fireworks CS3, CS4, CS5, as well as conveying the creative logic for people working in Photoshop or Gimp. Learn to Inset, Emboss, and Etch into …

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22 responses to “Fireworks Inlay and Emboss Textured Text Logo Effects Tutorial : CS3 CS4 CS5”

  1. patrick joseph says:

    Very Impressive bro. am beginner in graphics design plz try 2 help me more,.My

  2. alphy siju says:

    didnt realise it was tht flipping easy…cud have saved so much time!!
    thanks man u r a lifesaver 😀 :*

  3. VisualizerF says:

    Thanks man i have a coursework and i hate these things..and you really help me 😀

  4. shawty lu says:

    can u do flyers or mixtape covers in fireworks

  5. baretings1 says:

    Plant-age net??

  6. Rick B says:

    You can’t see it, but i’m giving you the wave ! Nice work.

  7. jefersonvilaede says:

    youre a muthaphukkin genius, thanks for puttin this up. im on my webdesign course and this saved my life.

  8. RaynStormGaming says:

    10:22 Mr. Mackey, is that you? :)

  9. TIVICR says:

    Very useful indeed, thanks! Now, let’s assume you have a bitmap and would like to have the same texture as the background/text. You can easily click on the paint tool and change the color but the “stroke options” is not available. Any ideas how to achieve this? Thanks again!


  10. SharpChurR0 says:

    like it wuz de predatorrr

  11. GildedApp5 says:

    Nice tutorial

  12. timothyfrancisanthon says:

    Thank you x ∞

  13. Kevin Kearney says:

    Hi Thanks for the video, it has helped me out a lot with Themes on my iPhone.
    Top Man.

  14. bass109 says:

    Jesus is lord of earth, repent, repent, repent, repent, pray, pray, pray.

  15. Anthony Shoulderblade says:

    thee predador. 🙂

  16. EargroveN says:

    which font did you use on the Steel? Very useful turtorial by the way 🙂

  17. teponche says:


    Como se puede poner el boton de: me gusta de facebook, en una pagina realizada en flash as3

  18. EreciasWebDesign says:

    verrry nicee

  19. Asgard422 says:

    Well done ADAM!

  20. AnimationShorts1 says:

    it looks like a rock island rofl!!

  21. Alexis Macatula says:

    fuckin awesome as always, I love playing with fireworks

  22. Nico DaVinci says:

    … and again you are my HERO, adam! thx for sharing!

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