Excel Dashboards with PowerPivot Tutorial

Excel Dashboards with PowerPivot Tutorial

Quick intro to how to take your own data and quickly turn it into great presentations, charts, and dashboards, using the PowerPivot feature of Excel. This is…

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4 responses to “Excel Dashboards with PowerPivot Tutorial”

  1. Clay Rembert says:

    Hi Edward,
    Your explanation and demonstration is phenomenal! The instruction is clear, concise and easy to follow. Your teaching style is one of the best I’ve experienced…thank you!

  2. Mark Etchells says:

    v good

  3. Jkukuruda says:

    when I select my data I get this note: what do I do?
    The selected range is invalid. Select a valid range. A table cannot overlap a range that contains a PivotTable report, query results, protected cells or another table.

  4. 13579ddttww says:

    Very nice presentation. Clear and concise. Someone unfamiliar with this tool would have no problem using this tutorial and create their own products.

    I also like the additional feature you get on these dashboards as it’s easy to link a single slicers across all (or some) of the charts. A single slicer can then control the information being presented in one or all the charts. 

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