Split Screen tutorial iMovie ’11

Split Screen tutorial iMovie '11

This is a tutorial on how to create split screen in Imovie 2011 on a Mac. The steps can be seen at: Step 1: 0:04 (Creating background) Step 2: 0:27 (Adjustin…
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20 responses to “Split Screen tutorial iMovie ’11”

  1. Carla Thursday says:

    Thank you!! I have been trying to work this out for AGES! THANK YOU!!

  2. Samah H says:

    thank you so much, this will totally help in the future!

  3. MetalSword106 says:

    You have to go in iMovie tab—Preferences—Show Advanced Tools.
    Hope this was helpful ! 😀

  4. sidneyloveyourstyle16 says:

    in my Imovie it doesn’t say picture in picture

  5. Ashwin Sridhar says:

    Go to Preferences———–>Select Advanced Options————->Take movie and drag to black clip——–> press pic in pic

  6. Eva Van Autenboer says:

    Thanks for the explanation, although you could have mentioned you have to be sure to have checked off your show advanced tools! 🙂 And my friend says you should turn off your music because it is very distracting…
    But we like your video 🙂 I feel like a pro 🙂

  7. kimberanneq says:

    thank you!

  8. Charlene Albo says:

    why it doesn’t work on my macbook air? 🙁 i even have imovie 11

  9. Bhesaj Hellyer says:

    if u look at this vid from a youtube- and look on some other vids of his – split screen is animational a bit – ‘soilderknowbest

  10. Bhesaj Hellyer says:

    thnks man – helped a lot. ummm – do u know any grahical/animation stuff to make it more effective on the vid??????

  11. thexwildxguitarist says:

    Put the video you want to be full screen into the project, then select the clip you want to be in lower left hand corner and drag it to where you want it placed in the project, then choose “picture in picture” and position the second video where you’d like on the screen

  12. Thomas Yau says:

    Thanks for the video! Could I have a one video that takes up the entire screen and then another that is just in the left hand corner so that the left hand video is how you have positioned by then the right hand video takes up the entire screen?

  13. Kexaist says:

    This music creeps me out so much :S

  14. Andre Reynolds says:

    Does this work with the imovie app on my ipod?

  15. vzkelly says:

    that only really works for side by side because of the way you can only enlarge or shrink a video from the corners. trying to do a top and bottom the video will end up being only like an inch big. thanks anyways

  16. thexwildxguitarist says:

    You can orient the two videos however you want by doing the black background and then inserting them like in the tutorial!

  17. vzkelly says:

    is it at all possible to do a split screen top and bottom instead of left and right? ive tried doing the green screen effect but it cuts off half of both my videos. i want both videos full but shared on one screen just top and bottom. please help!

  18. ohkaliemikalie says:

    There’s an easier way to do this: Add your first video, you don’t need a text screen, then drag you next one on top. instead of selecting “Picture in Picture” click on “Side by Side”

  19. thexwildxguitarist says:

    No problem!

  20. Bluffyish SAAN says:

    I had the exact same problem, and that helped alot!!! thank you sooooo much!!

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