How to Use Firebug to Learn/Edit CSS Code

How to Use Firebug to Learn/Edit CSS Code

How to use firebug – easy tutorial! Subscribe to my blog for more tips
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13 responses to “How to Use Firebug to Learn/Edit CSS Code”

  1. Adekunle Segun says:

    thanks alot

  2. Junn Kit Wong says:

    IE is just err err… Just be honest with us, we all know IE, IE is the
    tool to download other browsers.Just straight to the point, we all

  3. moviecrafter says:

    omg this is so helpful. I LOVE YOU!

  4. p4prad says:

    Finally I have got the best basic tutorial on firebug…

  5. blazestudios23 says:

    Great video!!!

  6. Erick M says:

    Lisa, you are awesome!!! thanks for being so great by doing stuff like
    this, helping people like me. A person who have hardly idea about using CSS
    and HTML

  7. Vincent Verdynanta says:


  8. Rein Teder says:

    Very helpful, thanks!

  9. TheZakyto says:

    What about if I want to change something?? and how to save it??

  10. computershiva says:

    hai lisa ,thank u for sharing this video. ur CSS tutorial are
    awesome….keep going

  11. The447658 says:

    Very Nice, saw this add-on but never knew what a great thing it was, until

  12. Teh Minecraft Ocelot! says:

    About not saving,1:PrtScn(or print screen)2:paste in paint 3:share.

  13. Edwin Yip says:

    Yes, you are right, and LIVEditor is your solution, it’s a live html/css
    editor with a Firebug-like UI for testing css. I’m the developer and it’ll
    be in beta soon.

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