Sketchup to Photoshop: quick rendering tutorial

Sketchup to Photoshop: quick rendering tutorial

A tutorial allowing you to render a Sketchup model only using Photoshop in just a few minutes. A more detailed description can be found at
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21 responses to “Sketchup to Photoshop: quick rendering tutorial”

  1. Luis Lopez says:

    Amazing!!! could you make more tutorials, but in a better quality

  2. wong leong yee says:

    amazing..another solution vithout vray..

  3. posseidon7 says:

    Gorillaz – Double bass

  4. Nevien Alaa El-dean says:


  5. nilaul says:

    @xXBeastyDrewXx Lol you not supposed to open a sketch up file, you have to
    export a 2D image, save it as jpg or png. I prefer to save it as png. Also
    to save time you save an image of only the model without its context.

  6. Maysum Rashid says:

    nice man, turns out well

  7. Jaysarch says:

    For Sketchup, that was pretty dope. Also, when moving an image from one
    canvas to another, hold the ‘shift’ key and it will snap in place. Just a
    little nugget.

  8. Arben Jashari says:

    Thank you so much Alex, this has helped me a lot!

  9. munchdonuts says:

    Great style. keeping it nice and simple. Good job man

  10. zachDJ15 says:

    you are the man!!!!

  11. John Steven says:

    can google sketchup 8 (not pro) do this?

  12. Vinny Nazalita says:

    ni cara download nya gmn ya?saya lupa

  13. bobstar says:

    what tool is used when clicked on top right llooks like a box the byulding
    went transparent at 0.55

  14. pepe malonda says:

    I find your channel really interesting! keep it up! Thank u Alex!

  15. Pj Bang says:

    It’s just the X-Ray tool. You’ll find it through View>Toolbars>Styles and
    it’s the button on the left

  16. Aleks F says:

    как здорово! но плохо видно процесс работы.((

  17. Stef Kors says:

    gorillaz 😉

  18. Woon Bradley says:

    Is that some bugs of the ads of KFC ads from Malaysia?

  19. Simon Simu says:

    you’re crazy good!….thanks for sharing

  20. PopeThunder says:

    Not that it is a big deal but if your two images are the same size, hold
    SHIFT while dragging in the x-ray image. It basically brings the image to
    the center. Great stuff!

  21. claudia Gonzalez says:

    really good!!!

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