Photoshop CS5 Tutorial – Layers for Beginners

Photoshop CS5 Tutorial - Layers for Beginners

In this video tutorial I talk about Layers in photoshop and how to use them. This is a beginner tutorial that will help you better understand the way layers …

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18 responses to “Photoshop CS5 Tutorial – Layers for Beginners”

  1. Saad Taher says:

    Great Tutorial
    thank you a lot

  2. Errol Thompson says:

    Very good tutorial Dude so clear I struggle to use photo shop mainly
    because I coudnt find some good tutorials cheers bro.

  3. Dimitar Andovski says:

    hey ,if anyone else wants to learn about
    adobe photoshop tutorials basic
    try *Greega Amazing Editor Guru* (just google it ) ? Ive heard some
    awesome things about it and my work buddy got great results with it.

  4. Glide Jump says:

    How do you get pics?

  5. Gros Matou says:

    this tutorial help me a lot

  6. jerry decaire says:

    I have a question. Assume I have several layers I’m working on and when I
    have the one layer highlighted to the right in that navigation bar to
    assure I am only working with one of the layers, I assume that whatever
    changes I make will only affect the one layer-not all the layers. And yet,
    when I go to ROTATION of IMAGE/FLIP HORIZONTAL, all the images in all the
    layers flip horizontally. How can I make it so that only one layer/image at
    a time can be manipulated? Thank you.

  7. jackskyfer1 says:

    how do i mask a layer

  8. Prophet017 says:

    Great, short , educational video. :)

  9. ItzMeBaSiL says:

    THANK YOU MAN!!!! u saved a lot for me

  10. Mike9201984 says:

    Thanks meng!

  11. loadfaster says:

    heh.. Kinda remind me a bit of Mr. Rogers and President Regan for some
    reason.. But regardless THANX ALOT FOR THE VID! VERY HELPFULL!!

  12. Magnus Productions says:

    I can’t find my layer tab anymore, please help (:

  13. jeevanige says:

    dear , when i ‘m in new layer 0 could i do work in that layer….and one
    more thing when i using layer 0 inbleow 01 or new layer ,i’m getting a pop
    up message that source could not connect (its showing msg )

  14. Lionel Young says:

    This was pretty well explained. Now just to try it out. Thanks.

  15. Technologyguru77 says:

    Abbie, thank you so much for the positive feedback, I am glad I could teach
    your something!

  16. mattsnuts808 says:

    you sound like cleveland from family guy 🙂

  17. Grimnax-games+tech says:

    I have a bit more challenging set up. I know there are paths you can create
    and such. but lets say for artsists. I have seen some one make a layer WITH
    IN A LAYER as say kind of like a folder but the icon is the layer but it
    has a sub selection. I’ll normally encounter some thing lets say coloring a
    leg just how i want it. Then when i try to color the body i will drive my
    self INSANE because I will color the leg!. mind going in deph to the
    subject? or one way you work around the problem?

  18. Jomari' Sangalang says:

    How to put up another picture on the original picture? Its like i want to
    add my friend on this picture but he’s actually not there.

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