Dreamweaver Tutorial – Create a basic Webpage

Dreamweaver Tutorial - Create a basic Webpage

www.dreamweavermadesimple.com dreamweaver tutorials show you how to create a basic webpage, setup your website, insert text and images and get a basic webpage up and running
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10 responses to “Dreamweaver Tutorial – Create a basic Webpage”

  1. MrRhett383 says:

    Is this what they call tutorials these days…?

  2. 94Target says:

    why do you even want to be in web-design bussines if you don’t know how to do that???

  3. reshimme says:

    can someone please help me. I have created page in fireworks and exported it to dreamweaver. everyting works great accept that i cant get the align centerd. I can changes it to left and rignt but when i choose centerd it appears in the left we I preweiuw it. In dreamweaver Its centerd.

  4. guitarplayer4real says:

    Thats nicely said but Adobe markets this to the average ‘know nothing’ user as well as the experienced html editor. Then you find out later after your purchase it, of all the helpful drag and drop type modules that you can also buy. And WILL buy if you ever want to produce anything on the web.

    I was going to buy but I have a business to run in a bad economy. Only web authors have time for programs such as this, Adobe should say so instead of aiming their market at people like me.

  5. guitarplayer4real says:

    Fact is this software is marketed as if anyone can use it to produce webpages and they charge the outrageous price of 400 dollars for a software that average users can maybe use 10% of.

    400 bucks for something that will make you want to toss your PC tower through the window in this shit economy? And I see to make it easier for that average guy that you can also purchase modules that should come with the program. By the time your done you’ll pay 600.00 and 6 mos for a webpage, NO THANKS!

  6. harvestcreative says:

    Do you know how can I set background image in the table. I am using dreamweaver cs4. when you will click on the table there is option css and from there you can change bg colour but not picture. Please help me.

  7. elwoodetubes says:

    your really should say what version of the program you are using

  8. taqirocks says:

    This is bullshit, how the hell do you “Add the side-Bars” ?and how do you make the navigation bar?

  9. xavianus says:

    If you think that posting tutorials on youtube is a way to get you more customers you’re wrong…

  10. lamonali says:

    It is possible to encode a moving scrollbar with Dreamweaver?

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