New Year’s Fireworks Inspired Nail Art Tutorial

New Year's Fireworks Inspired Nail Art Tutorial

I was going to try a fireworks inspired water marble, but I didn’t have time to test polishes before the holiday, so I decided to give it a go freestyle. The…
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21 responses to “New Year’s Fireworks Inspired Nail Art Tutorial”

  1. zippermask666 says:

    very nice, wish you could see it better

  2. Akin Sokehinsi says:

    We’re you able to get response to how to drag down formular on docs to go
    app on iPad?
    Kindly share the knowledge with me pls.

  3. BEASTmaniac100 says:

    It’s so pretty :’D

  4. Avetoula says:

    I love it’s so simple thank you for sharing have a great day.

  5. TheLollipopPrincess7 says:

    I think fireworks are for 4th of july

  6. YenJoLOL says:

    @SimpleLittlePleasures may i ask how much it costs for a bottle of China
    Glaze?:) and where can you get them?p.s. I’m not from America,so yea. 🙂

  7. Heavensblackrose says:

    I love this design, I even liked it Matte

  8. Queen Abike Idowu says:

    You are the Queen of nail art on youtube – wish u were my sister!

  9. My Simple Little Pleasures says:

    it is mostly personal preference, it also makes it a little easier when
    taking polish off – if there’s a lot pooled at the cuticle it can be harder
    to remove

  10. My Simple Little Pleasures says:

    @harukomt012 I got mine at Sallys =)

  11. My Simple Little Pleasures says:

    @ms0alnaqbi most of my designs work for short nails also – for this one
    you’d just need to make the lines shorter =)

  12. lizetteb16 says:

    I love it,nice & awesome

  13. baxterbooiloveyou says:

    where did u get the brush from?

  14. TheMacBarbie12 says:

    Wow ! I Love your channel ! Your Really Good !! New Subscriber (:


    17 ppl r jealous of her technique

  16. Mrs803 says:

    @SimpleLittlePleasues ok thanks!! 🙂

  17. kasey0853 says:

    I noticed that when you dipped your stripper brush in the polish, it looked
    like a watery substance came off into the paint, do you dip your brushes in
    nail polish remover or brush cleaner before you paint?

  18. MsCerise007 says:

    COOL DESIGN !!! I just got my foils in the mail from Dollar Nail Art &
    wanted to know what is the best top coat for this? I know it should be sloe
    drying but what is the best kind? The brand? Please Answer

  19. LaDeaAfrodite says:

    you’re the best !!!!!!

  20. My Simple Little Pleasures says:

    @shinogerm I just use polish remover & they’re OK so far =) they are
    specifically nail art brushes though, not just normal paint brushes so I
    think brush is synthetic, maybe polish or remover would damage a natural

  21. Marialla says:

    These are great! Very simple, but good effect. I think I would add some
    tiny crystals or dots at the ends of the firework lines for extra bling.
    Thanks for sharing!

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